Monday, November 21, 2016

Blue Object Near The Sun

A strange blue sphere was caught on NASA cameras by the STEREO HI1 satellite. The object was spotted near the Sun by Facebook user and UFO hunter, Pamela Johnson. ( Here is a link to Pamela's original post Thank you for hooking us up with that link.)
She posted a link to the pictures on her Facebook page and mentioned that it appeared the Sun was reacting to the object. See the pictures below.

One skeptic suggested it might be a holographic image projected on to the camera screen like a glitch, however it appears the sphere is behind Mercury. Another person said it might be a rogue planet. Rogue planets do appear to be seen as blue in infrared (see image of rogue planet below), but rogue planets usually move and are not known for disappearing so quickly. The sphere stayed still and was only seen for a few days starting on November 15th and now it is gone!

I also found this article where a photographer was asking an astronomer what the object that appeared in his photographs near the Sun could be. The astronomer answers that the object might not be astronomical...The mystery continues.

*My metaphysically based observation would suggest it was a rogue alien planet gathering energy from the Sun before disappearing through a Space portal. Sounds perfectly normal, right? ;-) *

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