Monday, September 28, 2015

Mars Has Water: Was It Once A Life Sustaining Planet?

Today NASA announced that Mars indeed does have small amounts of liquid water running periodically on it's surface. Water is one major key element contributing to the development of living organisms on Earth, so we can't help but jump to the conclusion, does this mean that Mars has life too? Even if it's just a planet of microorganisms? Well according to NASA scientists, some of the water on Mars appears to have very high concentrations of salt, which means it's too salty for anything to live in it. There are some apposing views saying that in different regions, the waters might not bee too salty and therefore might be containing micro life. The Mars Rover won't be getting close to these waters anytime soon for fear the Rover's wheels might contain substances that would contaminate a clear sample of the water.

Also, scientists don't know where the rain is coming from! If we apply the way rain is created on Earth to Mars, technically there would only be a 1/2,500th of an inch of rain across Mars. That wouldn't be enough to make flowing water at all. So that's interesting...

This is a good time to revisit theories like Zecharia Sitchin's. A theory based on ancient Sumerian mythology, that a planet named Tiamat was destroyed by a rogue planet known as Nibiru and the remains of Tiamat are what we know as the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

My Theory is that Mars was once like Earth, and there was a planet between Mars and Jupiter, and that planet was obliterated during an interplanetary war. Mars was left depleted of life sustaining resources and humans then fled to Earth and other planets, possibly planets outside of this solar system.

Monday, September 7, 2015

UFO Internet Finds for Labor Day Weekend 2015


This article has snippets from an interview with Maj. Jesse Marcel, 30 years after the Roswell UFO crash. He tries to describe what the crash debris looked like and felt like, but mentioned it's almost indescribable!


OMNI Reboot posted this article, published on October 1978, from their archives. It's an update on the scientific research of UFOs, reported by James Oberg.

Comparing this report from 1978 to the UFO research of today, you might not even know that this article was written in 1978. Every few years an independent company starts up to rigorously and, as scientifically as possible, research UFOs. One of those companies was Project Starlight International which began in 1964. Here is a video from 1980 touring the project's "latest technology." Gotta love that retro space vibe :-D

And for fun, check out this video of the Roswell UFO Festival in Roswell New Mexico. I need to plan a trip to the festivities, maybe next year.