Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Saucer Time Update 2024

I would like to apologize for the infrequency of articles on this blog. For a long time, stories about UFOs and alien encounters have been increasingly muddied by the noise on social media. Unfortunately, the advancement of technology has led to more hoaxes as well. While I have always been interested in disclosure, I became disheartened by what I was seeing online and within UFO communities. Additionally, I began to feel the effects of censorship. "Pay to play" methods on search engines and social media platforms, dominated by big tech, have made it difficult for regular people like me to maintain visibility for our blogs.

In the meantime, I have found Twitter (X) to be the quickest way for me to share information I come across. I will continue to post topics there, and when time allows, I intend to push forward with deeper dives here on Saucer Time. 

Despite these challenges, I remain hopeful that, somehow, someone out there will still be able to find this blog when they need it. Over the years, I have documented and briefly outlined many important cases in UFO history, and I often use this blog myself as a reference library.

I just wanted to give an update to readers and let you know I'm still here and where to find more frequent content by Saucer Time. Thanks for stopping by!