Monday, February 13, 2023

The Unidentified Objects Shot Down

It all began around February 1st when a Chinese spy balloon was spotted floating over Alaska. President Biden ordered it to be shot down, but U.S. generals thought it too risky to do so over land because of it’s size, which apparently was as large as three busses. The balloon, claimed by China to be just a weather balloon, floated over a U.S. nuclear missile base in Montana. Intelligence tipped off the US officials that it was in fact a spy balloon and on February 4th, 2023, the balloon finally entered over the ocean and US fighter jets brought it down with a missile. The event could be seen by civilians who cheered and filmed the take down later uploading the completed mission on to social media. 

Then things got really strange as all government stories do. Nearly a week later, on February 10, the White House held a press conference. John Kirby, Coordinator for Strategic Communications with the National Security Council, was in the midst of answering reporter’s questions when one reporter asked if it was true that another “high-altitude object” had been shot down over Alaska. Kirby then confirmed that a smaller, unidentified object, cylindrical in shape, was downed by US fighter jets. It came as quite a shock to some as it appeared Kirby was not going to necessarily speak about the incident had the reporter not asked. 

In the days following the press conference, two more objects were located and shot down! The second one  on February 11 and the third object on February 12. Another briefing with US officials was held on February 12 after the Super Bowl. American Air Force General Glen VanHerck and Secretary of Defense Melissa Dalton were on hand to answer questions. Here is a list summary of what was said about the unidentified objects. 

- objects look significantly different than the Chinese balloon

- smaller than the Chinese balloon, about the size of a small car but vary in size and are not exactly identical in size

- objects are being called unidentified because they are of unfamiliar shape and characteristics to known aircraft 

- it is not known yet how the objects are staying in the air or becoming airborne as they appear to be without any visible jet propulsion and go with the wind. Possibly they could be staying a float with gas inside of a structure or some other type of propulsion

- they appear to be cylindrical or spherical in shape

- debris from the downed objects have yet to be retrieved 

- they do not pose an immediate threat to civilians, but were shot down because they were coming close to US military missile bases

- objects do not communicate with air traffic control, are not easy to see on radar because of their small size 

- their origin is currently unknown (meaning no other countries have claimed these objects to be their aircraft) 

- objects are able to be tracked with heat seeking missiles which would indicate they do give off some type of contrast 

The most interesting take away from this briefing is when asked if the objects could be of extraterrestrial origins, General VanHerck said he is not ruling anything out! Once the debris from these objects is fully recovered, hopefully more questions will be answered. 

I would be surprised if these objects turned out to be of extraterrestrial origin. Right now I’m on the edge of my seat because if they turn out to be more spy devices, this is not good news. Our military and defense should have been more on the ball with this sort of stuff. It’s quite an uncomfortable feeling to have our national defense team not knowing what a spy blimp is. You think they would know considering we have all these high-tech weapons and aircraft, but floating mini blimps are beyond comprehension? It’s strange for sure and although I appreciate the disclosure that has been givin thus far, I still can’t help but be suspicious about it. Just last month, in January, the 2022 Annual Report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena was released to the public. It basically mentioned the many reports on objects similar to the ones that have been shot down this week. Next, came the spy balloon and a week later these unidentified floating objects 🤔 It could all be coincidence, but the timing seems so calculated. It’s hard to ever tell as the government has had a history of coverups, false flags and scandal. Another strange aspect is the absence of President Biden during these briefings. It could suggest this disclosure to be authentic since Biden doesn’t seem to know enough about it to speak on it, or it could suggest he doesn’t care because it’s a fabricated story intended for distraction or political manipulation. Whatever it is, Saucer Time is on the case, but for now, seems like everything is still…up in the air 😅 no pun intended. 

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