Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Sheehan Shows Examples of Alleged NHI Script

Back in 2012, I made a post titled "Hieroglyphic-Type Symbols," in which I shared hieroglyphic-like symbols that have reportedly been seen on or inside UFOs. I mentioned Daniel Sheehan, an attorney who, while working on a special project with Congress in 1977, claimed to have seen photographs of what he believed to be an extraterrestrial spacecraft. In one of the photographs, Sheehan noticed hieroglyphic-type symbols on the outside of the craft. He secretly wrote down these symbols on the back of his notepad, successfully getting it past the guards at The James Madison Memorial Building. At the time I made the post, I was not able to find a picture of the symbols that Sheehan wrote in his notebook. To my knowledge, he had not yet shared them.

Now, 12 years later, in 2024, I noticed I had received a comment about this post asking me to please share if I ever happened to come across Sheehan's symbols. This prompted me to look into it again. I had been wondering about these symbols for years and questioning how is it that Sheehan keeps mentioning them yet never sharing with the public. Well, there has been an update!

A brief search led me to this recent post on Reddit by a user named DaZipp. 

They posted, quote: "Hopefully I'm not going behind Danny's back by posting this picture.

I am taking the New Paradigm Institute's ET certificate program right now, and during the first lecture, he mentioned the story which was talked about on Coulthart's new NewsNation show. I asked if we were able to see what the NHI-script looked like which was written on the craft that he saw, and Danny drew them for us in a Q&A session after his lecture.

As someone personally interested in language and scripts of historical cultures, they do look quite unique to me, and further, the simplicity of the characters is quite interesting."

The post also included this screenshot which looks like Sheehan holding up a piece of paper with the symbols.

To fact check, I found this picture of Sheehan in which he appears to be wearing the same tie. So, it seems that it is Sheehan and the Reddit post and picture above are looking credible. 

There was still a lot of confusing fuss on Reddit that I had trouble deciphering since I have been out of the UFO community loop for some time, but it seems that people are remaining skeptical about Sheehan's claims, and I think I know why. It's been years, as I mentioned, since I first posted about his story, and now, years later, it appears that Sheehan still has never shown the original notebook in which he claims to have recorded these symbols. You would think he had the notebook in a very special place or that he would still be in possession of it today and able to share it. Even a scan or photograph of the notebook would suffice. This is why people have been so skeptical. Where is the notebook to corroborate the story? I hadn't delved into searching if Sheehan has ever mentioned why he hasn't shared the actual notebook yet, but that seems to be the ongoing mystery here. And the mystery thickens. 

Through Reddit, I also found this twitter post where Sheehan was on a podcast in what appears to have been 2021. Unfortunately, a link to that podcast video reveals the video is private. One Reddit user said they saw the video, however, they could’t find the part where the notebook is shown. Maybe that part was edited out for the public version. 🤔 

That looks like the actual notebook in the screenshot above…except, I discovered THIS Reddit post from around 2020 that says the original notebook was destroyed in an office flood? 😱 This was mentioned in an interview with Sheehan that appeared in a book first published in 2019. If this is true, that would mean the notebook Sheehan is holding in the podcast picture from 2021 couldn’t be the original. 

Sheehan’s story sounds credible and seeing the two replicas of the symbols he drew together, it appears he still remembers what the symbols looked like, but the confusion behind what’s going on with the original notebook is strange to say the least. If he really did lose the notebook in an office flood, that’s heartbreaking. I’d be sleeping with the notebook under my pillow every night and wouldn’t let it out of my sight. But, that’s me. 

A Year After The Las Vegas Alien Encounter April 30, 2024: Aliens or Demons?

[AI brief. Quick read]: It's been a year since the peculiar incident in Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 30, 2023, where a family reported an encounter that they believe involved beings not of this Earth. However, recent revelations have added even more shocking details to the story.

For those unfamiliar, the event unfolded as follows: a Las Vegas police officer captured footage of an unusual-looking object in the sky, initially mistaking it for a falling star. Shortly after, a distressed young man named Angel made a 911 call reporting giant, non-human creatures, roughly 8 to 10 feet tall, with large eyes and mouths, landing in their backyard. Angel, along with his brother and father, witnessed a bright light crashing to the ground before these beings appeared. He described the spot where the light hit as blurry, suggesting the presence of a cloaked portal or spacecraft.

A year later, NewsNation interviewed Angel, who still seems bewildered by the events of that night. He now expresses concern that the beings they encountered were not extraterrestrial, but rather demonic. According to Angel, these entities appeared menacing and emitted an aura of anger. He recounts being paralyzed with fear until he recited a prayer, after which he regained mobility. Upon returning to their house, the family discovered unsettling phenomena, including a suspended upside-down crucifix and pages of their Bible flipping as if being examined by an invisible force.

The family sought the help of priests to bless their home, and while Angel remains disturbed by the experience, they believe their house is now protected.

The incident garnered attention due to tangible evidence, including the police footage, the 911 call, and corroborating witness accounts of electrical disturbances in the neighborhood. Some neighbors reported TV and surveillance camera malfunctions coinciding with the strange event.

This encounter prompts intriguing questions about the intersection of extraterrestrial phenomena and religious beliefs, a topic I've long been eager to explore on Saucer Time. While the full scope of this subject is vast, future discussions may shed light on theories bridging the realms of good and evil, seen and unseen.

Included below are excerpts from the NewsNation interview with Angel conducted a year after the encounter.

[For more details. In my own words]: It has been a year since the Las Vegas, Nevada, "alien" encounter that occurred on April 30, 2023. The family who witnessed this event still believes they saw something not of this Earth and more details have revealed even more shocking revelations. A quick recap if you have not yet heard the story: A Las Vegas police officer on duty in a residential area captured footage of a peculiar-looking meteor that he first believed to be a falling star. Moments later, a 911 call in that same area was received. A distressed young man named Angel tells the dispatcher that giant non-human-looking creatures, possibly about 8 to 10 feet tall with big eyes and mouths, have landed in their backyard. 

I use the word "landed" because before these beings appeared, there apparently was a bright light that slammed to the ground. Angel, along with his brother and father were outside doing maintenance on a vehicle when they saw the light appear followed by a loud bang. Angel also mentions in the spot where the light had hit, it looked rather blurry as though whatever was there, be it a portal or spacecraft, appeared to be cloaked. That was just Angel's guess, but it sounds like a good guess to me.

NewsNation caught up with Angel a year later. He still seems as confused as ever recalling that night and even more concerned than before. The family still lives in that location, but plans to move. It may be because Angel believes now that the "aliens" he saw were actually...demons! Yes, demons. He said they were very scary-looking and appeared angry and grumbling the night he made contact with them. He also reveals being caught in the demon's gaze at one point, paralyzed in what could have been fear, but after he said a prayer, he was released from the immobile state. After his family ran back inside the house, they saw that a crucifix inside was suspended upside down in mid-air, and the Jesus figure had been ripped off and thrown across the room. Sounds like something out of a poltergeist movie! When they approached to get a closer look, the cross then dropped to the floor. They also saw their Bible flipping slowly through pages as if an invisible being was investigating some scripture. Similarly, when Angel got closer, the pages fell back to the normal laws of gravity. The family has since had priests visit their home, in which the priests blessed the house and informed them that what visited their home sounded demonic, but after the blessing, their house will now be fine. Angel is still disturbed by it all and has trouble sleeping at night.

I have been interested in this story since it first came out because of the multiple pieces of tangible evidence like the police officer's bodycam footage of the "meteor", the 911 call, and the multiple witnesses in the neighborhood who also saw the flash of light, heard the loud bang, and even reported electrical surges and cuts when the bright light flew overhead. One neighbor said their TV and surveillance cameras cut out around the moment this strange event happened. The Las Vegas alien encounter of 2023 raises an interesting concept that I have been wanting to cover for a while here on Saucer Time. The idea of extraterrestrials and how they coincide with the Bible. It's such a big subject to cover, but I've been making notes here and there. At least an outline may shed some light on a theory that fills in the mystery of good and evil and the seen and unseen. More on that in the future.