Saturday, December 15, 2018

Joe Simonton Alien Encounter, Aliens Cook Pancakes!

This has got to be one of the most intriguing alien encounter stories I've heard yet. One morning way back in April of 1961, in Eagle River Wisconson, resident, Joe Simonton, saw a bright silvery UFO come straight down and hover over his lawn. He claims a hatch on the UFO opened and out popped a little alien man gesturing in a way that Mr. Simonton believed was a request for water as the alien held out a jug with this gesture. Simonton took the jug, filled it with water and gave it back to the alien. He then saw another alien aboard the ship, frying on some sort of grill! When Simonton pointed at the grill hoping to start a dialog, the aliens still did not speak, but handed him one of the, what appeared to be pancakes! To which Simonton shows to the cameras in the video below. After this, the alien got back inside the ship, closed up the hatches and the UFO hovered straight up about 20 feet, tilted at a 45-degree angle and shot off out of sight within 2 seconds. The whole incident lasted about 5 minutes. Simonton turned the pancakes over to the Airforce, who then had the American FDA analyze them. The pancakes turned out to be 100% pure buckwheat pancakes.

I totally believe this story. If anything, it makes more Earthly sense then other alien and UFO encounters. Just like those times that you have to stop by a convenience store to pick up a few things for the road, these aliens did the same only instead of a convenience store, it was Joe Simonton's house.