Saturday, December 15, 2018

Joe Simonton Alien Encounter, Aliens Cook Pancakes!

This has got to be one of the most intriguing alien encounter stories I've heard yet. One morning way back in April of 1961, in Eagle River Wisconson, resident, Joe Simonton, saw a bright silvery UFO come straight down and hover over his lawn. He claims a hatch on the UFO opened and out popped a little alien man gesturing in a way that Mr. Simonton believed was a request for water as the alien held out a jug with this gesture. Simonton took the jug, filled it with water and gave it back to the alien. He then saw another alien aboard the ship, frying on some sort of grill! When Simonton pointed at the grill hoping to start a dialog, the aliens still did not speak, but handed him one of the, what appeared to be pancakes! To which Simonton shows to the cameras in the video below. After this, the alien got back inside the ship, closed up the hatches and the UFO hovered straight up about 20 feet, tilted at a 45-degree angle and shot off out of sight within 2 seconds. The whole incident lasted about 5 minutes. Simonton turned the pancakes over to the Airforce, who then had the American FDA analyze them. The pancakes turned out to be 100% pure buckwheat pancakes.

I totally believe this story. If anything, it makes more Earthly sense then other alien and UFO encounters. Just like those times that you have to stop by a convenience store to pick up a few things for the road, these aliens did the same only instead of a convenience store, it was Joe Simonton's house.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

AlienCon 2018

Hello! Last Saturday, June 16th, I attended AlienCon held at the Pasadena Convention Center here in Southern California. It was the first Alien themed convention to be held in Los Angeles so I was very excited. Finally! L.A. gets an alien-themed convention. I had been waiting for this as they seem to have conventions for everything else!

It was a great turn-out. In my opinion, they might need a bigger venue next year. I only attended on Saturday even though the convention went for three days starting on Friday and ending on Sunday. Durning the time I spent there, the crowd seemed friendly and supportive of one another, sharing their love for everything extraterrestrial. Strangers were even trying to help each other find out what lines they should be standing in. The lines were a bit confusing. They weren't that long compared to other conventions I've been to and moved fairly quickly, but there were no signs indicating which lines were for what and who. Some people were waiting in line for autographs, some waiting to get into panels and others waiting for photograph ops with their favorite celebrities. The lines were a little mixed up and some of the staff, when asked "What line is this for?" actually gave incorrect information. Some people found themselves waiting in a general line for nothing! A con-goers worst nightmare.

Since I did not purchase any autograph sessions or photo sessions with anyone, (yes, the autographs and photo sessions cost money ranging from $10 to David Duchovny who was $100!) I got into the first line I saw that was headed into a building for a panel. With my luck, it happened to be a panel with Linda Moulton Howe about Alien Abductions! Perfect. I was pleasantly surprised though, the talk ended up centering around the metaphysical and how it can relate to extraterrestrials. Towards the end of the panel, audience members were invited to go up to a microphone and tell their stories or ask questions. I was most intrigued by the audience's experiences. As some of what they described were similar to my own in terms of seeing UFOs, glowing orbs or floating lights until a man went up to the microphone to mention he had been abducted strictly to have sexual relations with aliens and then the panel came to a polite, but an abrupt end. "Ok, thank you, everyone! That's all the time we have right now!" said the panel.

The other panel I attended was for Ancient Aliens with speakers, author, Erich von Daniken and TV personality and publisher, Giorgio Tsoukalos. It was a more mainstream event held in the concert hall. The whole place was filled! There were even people standing without seats. All these people wanted to know more about aliens.  It definitely felt like I was seeing the very beginning of a consciousness revolution. Von Daniken is a wonderfully engaging speaker. He talked about how he was inspired to write his books and in some ways, it felt like I was attending a religious gathering as he spoke about God and beings coming down to help humans on Earth, but all with a positive and inspiring undertone.

The last thing I did was walk the convention grounds in the main hall. I thought there would be more booths advertising things or selling books. There were very few booths. Some people were selling their independent publications, some advertising psychic readings and holistic health and some people were selling hippie-like accessories, rocks and shaman sticks.
I enjoyed looking at everything, but hopefully, for the next convention, the con gets more vendors. I was thinking maybe it just wasn't advertised enough to gather a wider variety of professional vendors. I did appreciate the original art that was being sold by artists. It definitely wasn't the type of pop culture art you come across every day. Being that the subject matter was alien and sci-fi themed, the pieces were highly creative.

Books about fairies and gnomes by

Artist Carol McLeod from Starfeild Foundation

CBD oils booth

Artist Mr. MK Uktra 

Artist Douglas Taylor 

Jewelry by AshoTjewelry

Artist Sean Murphy and his Illuminated Visionary Thinker
bronze sculptures

Although the con seemed to focus largely on fans getting the opportunity to get autographs and photo ops, this con surely was buzzing with the energy to grow. I had a pretty great time! My favorite part was definitely the panels. As always, feel free to leave your thoughts below or you can tweet me @SaucerTime on

Monday, March 26, 2018

UFO Sightings In Los Angeles, CA 2018

These UFO sightings were sent to Saucer Time last week. Thank you to the eyewitness who saw these strange objects, a couple of months ago in Los Angeles, CA near the La Brea Tarpits, and caught them on video. Further details are under each video in the description if you click through to the SaucerTimeTV YouTube channel.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Is The Moon An Alien Base Facility?

The late William Tompkins aka Bill Tompkins had a successful career as an aerospace engineer for the US Navy.  Before he passed away last year, he was a frequent speaker at MUFON symposiums and gave whistleblowing interviews. Some of these interviews can be found on Youtube. In one interview, Tompkins points out the fact that the Moon's month-long rotation syncs with the Earth's one-day rotation keeping one side of the Moon always facing Earth. His explanation for this is because the Moon is not a random piece of rock stuck orbiting around the Earth, but is actually, in fact, a hollow structure that was strategically placed there by extraterrestrials using it as a base facility. Possibly as a base to closely observe Earth. If this is true, it would definitely explain why UFOs have been spotted flying in and out of the Moon. Tompkins also mentioned that this is why NASA only made a small number of trips to the Moon and never further explored the possibility of our own Moonbase on the Moon. Apparently, the E.T.s prohibited it!

Other fascinating stories told by Tompkins are ones about what a WWII Navy operative spy discovered when they infiltrated a secret, underground, Nazi construction laboratory. These Nazi laboratories were filled with hundreds of "wingless" vehicles being constructed using slave labor. The vehicles were also accompanied by 7 different sizes and classes of weapons that reportedly no one had ever seen before due to their laser abilities. The blueprints for these vehicles and weapons were acquired by the Nazi's via Draco Reptilians.  This information possibly connects with the Vril Society in Germany and their ability to channel extraterrestrials who had once lived in what is now Sumeria. There is more to the story, but it sounds like a blockbuster sci-fi film.

I have a book I need to read titled, Dark Star, that talks about the UFOs the Nazi's were trying to reproduce- but did they really try to team up with Reptilians?! These stories sound very skeptical, but remember, Tompkins was only relaying the stories he was told by another source. It could have been a game of Telephone. Maybe the gist of these stories are true, but details are far-fetched.

I kept trying to find more information on Bill Tompkins' personal life. Was their anyone out there who could help him back up his stories? I found this video of Dr. Robert Wood delivering Tompkin's eulogy last summer. Dr. Wood worked with Tompkin's on his book, Selected by Extraterrestrials, and it seems as though Dr. Wood knew him well and spoke as if nothing Tompkins ever said was out of character. It's also noted that Tompkins passed away on August 21, 2017, at the age of 94, the same day of the solar eclipse. Some people think that his passing coinciding with an astrological event was not a coincidence.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year! Update On The Mysterious Alien Structure Orbiting KIC 8462852

The mystery has been cracked! The mysterious massive object orbiting the star, KIC 8462852, is in fact (drumroll please) DUST! However it's not just any old type of's alien dust.

Astronomer Tabetha Boyajian launched a Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $100,000 to acquire ground-based instruments for investigating the star. Her goal was to view the star the moment the dimming was taking place to get a better look at what might be blocking the star's light. It turns out the dimming was caused by dust with unfamiliar characteristics. The dust produces dips of varying intensity and timing as well as no indications of the dust being warm. This means it must be very far away from the star. The dust grains are also incredibly small, much smaller than those in cigarette smoke, yet the grains are not being blown away by the star’s light. This could mean there is probably some reservoir from which the dust is continually replenished. Perhaps something catastrophic happened near the star or is still taking place. Of course these are all just guesses based on what is being observed. It's an on-going study and a very exciting discovery!


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Navy pilot, David Fravor, Recalls UFO Encounter on Tucker Carlson Tonight

On FOX news' Tucker Carlson Tonight, Navy pilot, David Fravor, talked about his UFO encounter that occurred back in 2004. Fravor was called to a routine training mission, but when he joined up with his fleet-mate, they were informed that the training mission had been canceled and they would now be investigating an unidentified object hovering over the water off the coast of San Diego! Fravor describes the object as flying at a speed well above the sound barrier, shooting off like a bullet out of a gun and still does not know of any man-made aircraft today that can come close to that speed.  👽