Monday, February 13, 2023

The Unidentified Objects Shot Down

It all began around February 1st when a Chinese spy balloon was spotted floating over Alaska. President Biden ordered it to be shot down, but U.S. generals thought it too risky to do so over land because of it’s size, which apparently was as large as three busses. The balloon, claimed by China to be just a weather balloon, floated over a U.S. nuclear missile base in Montana. Intelligence tipped off the US officials that it was in fact a spy balloon and on February 4th, 2023, the balloon finally entered over the ocean and US fighter jets brought it down with a missile. The event could be seen by civilians who cheered and filmed the take down later uploading the completed mission on to social media. 

Then things got really strange as all government stories do. Nearly a week later, on February 10, the White House held a press conference. John Kirby, Coordinator for Strategic Communications with the National Security Council, was in the midst of answering reporter’s questions when one reporter asked if it was true that another “high-altitude object” had been shot down over Alaska. Kirby then confirmed that a smaller, unidentified object, cylindrical in shape, was downed by US fighter jets. It came as quite a shock to some as it appeared Kirby was not going to necessarily speak about the incident had the reporter not asked. 

In the days following the press conference, two more objects were located and shot down! The second one  on February 11 and the third object on February 12. Another briefing with US officials was held on February 12 after the Super Bowl. American Air Force General Glen VanHerck and Secretary of Defense Melissa Dalton were on hand to answer questions. Here is a list summary of what was said about the unidentified objects. 

- objects look significantly different than the Chinese balloon

- smaller than the Chinese balloon, about the size of a small car but vary in size and are not exactly identical in size

- objects are being called unidentified because they are of unfamiliar shape and characteristics to known aircraft 

- it is not known yet how the objects are staying in the air or becoming airborne as they appear to be without any visible jet propulsion and go with the wind. Possibly they could be staying a float with gas inside of a structure or some other type of propulsion

- they appear to be cylindrical or spherical in shape

- debris from the downed objects have yet to be retrieved 

- they do not pose an immediate threat to civilians, but were shot down because they were coming close to US military missile bases

- objects do not communicate with air traffic control, are not easy to see on radar because of their small size 

- their origin is currently unknown (meaning no other countries have claimed these objects to be their aircraft) 

- objects are able to be tracked with heat seeking missiles which would indicate they do give off some type of contrast 

The most interesting take away from this briefing is when asked if the objects could be of extraterrestrial origins, General VanHerck said he is not ruling anything out! Once the debris from these objects is fully recovered, hopefully more questions will be answered. 

I would be surprised if these objects turned out to be of extraterrestrial origin. Right now I’m on the edge of my seat because if they turn out to be more spy devices, this is not good news. Our military and defense should have been more on the ball with this sort of stuff. It’s quite an uncomfortable feeling to have our national defense team not knowing what a spy blimp is. You think they would know considering we have all these high-tech weapons and aircraft, but floating mini blimps are beyond comprehension? It’s strange for sure and although I appreciate the disclosure that has been givin thus far, I still can’t help but be suspicious about it. Just last month, in January, the 2022 Annual Report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena was released to the public. It basically mentioned the many reports on objects similar to the ones that have been shot down this week. Next, came the spy balloon and a week later these unidentified floating objects 🤔 It could all be coincidence, but the timing seems so calculated. It’s hard to ever tell as the government has had a history of coverups, false flags and scandal. Another strange aspect is the absence of President Biden during these briefings. It could suggest this disclosure to be authentic since Biden doesn’t seem to know enough about it to speak on it, or it could suggest he doesn’t care because it’s a fabricated story intended for distraction or political manipulation. Whatever it is, Saucer Time is on the case, but for now, seems like everything is still…up in the air 😅 no pun intended. 

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Patterson Bigfoot film - Real or Hoax: Chorvinsky, Gimlin, Morris and Heironimus

I came across this investigation conducted by the late Mark Chorvinsky. Back in 1996, he set out to get some answers on the Patterson Bigfoot film. The infamous Patterson Bigfoot footage has had the classic run-around that all convincing paranormal videos receive. It went from fame to being deemed fake. Yet,  Roger Patterson, the man who filmed the Bigfoot himself never said it was a hoax. Many rumors and questions surround the footage. If the video was a fake, where is the Bigfoot costume and who was the Bigfoot actor inside of it?

Chorvinsky's report goes in an interesting circle. He gets tips from some of Hollywoods most talented special effects artists. Many who strongly believe the video was a hoax and that the suit wasn't even made well. One rumor was that John Chambers, famous special effects and makeup artist who worked on films such as Planet of the Apes, was the creator of the Patterson Bigfoot suit. However, when Chorvinsky contacted a very old and ill Chambers, Chambers responded in a voice mail saying he did not make the suit.

In 2002, owner of Morris Costumes, Philip Morris, claimed he sold an ape costume to Roger Patterson in 1967. Morris said he made these ape costumes for a popular side show routine where a woman would transform into a gorilla. Morris continued to make this claim up until he passed away. Even speaking at paranormal conventions about it, bringing a fabricated ape suit with him stating, "I've been talking publicly about this for years now and haven't been sued yet." - Tossing It Out (2010)

It should be noted that Roger Patterson sadly died of cancer in 1972. That's 5 years after his Bigfoot footage was released (1967). Any attempt to get Patterson's say in Morris's claims would never come to fruition considering Morris did not make his claim till after Patterson was no longer living. Many others who were close to Patterson and the footage are also no longer with us and the only other witness to this event is Bob Gimlin. After reading many articles about if the video is a hoax or not, it appears through interviews with Gimlin, that he was tormented by septics. At one point, the stress almost broke up his marriage. It's possible that Gimlin has gone back and forth on whether to continue advocating for the video's authenticity due to outside pressures or Bigfoot haters wanting to squash what some call the "Holy Grail" of Bigfoot proof. Gimlin never seemed to raise concern about Morris touring conventions with an ape suit and it could have been because Gimlin just wanted to be left out of it and left alone at some point. Or, maybe he didn't want to start a fuss with a man who was just trying to get some advertising for his costume business. But, Gimlin didn't hold back in 2004 when a man named Bob Heironimus confessed he played Bigfoot in the famous video. According to this article, Gimlin did proceed to take legal action against Heironimus' claim. 

In conclusion, hearsay continues to circulate the most famous Bigfoot footage known to Bigfoot fans.  In my personal opinion, I was introduced to the video on TV growing up in the 80's and it was presented as the real deal. It continues to appear very authentic to me. It's only in later years that I noticed the debate on whether the footage was a hoax or not. Bigfoot skepticism is to be expected, but out of all the crypto creatures to grace mythology, Bigfoot seems the most tangible. We know humans exist and we know apes exists, so why is something in between so hard to believe in? You tell me. Leave your comments below. 

1940s Girl to Gorilla sideshow banner by Fred G. Johnson

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Free Energy - Pseudoscience Or The Science Behind UFOs

I have so many books to read and so little time! While doing some Spring cleaning, I was distracted by a book that was sitting on a metal utility cart in my room filled with things I needed to sort. My sorting stalled for a moment as I opened, Dark Star by Henry Stevens. My Dad had let me borrow it and he had bookmarked a few of the pages. The book is about German hidden bases and Hitler's quest to re-create flying saucers during WWII.

I had read some years back about the Vril Society and all the strangeness surrounding it, which I still to this day am not sure if it was entirely all true. It is factual that the Germans during WWII were experimenting with creating aircraft resembling flying saucers and they were even trying to create weapons that controlled the weather, but I'm not so entirely sure that the Vril Society really existed, or at least not in the way the rumors have told. After learning more about the Vril Society, I came to the conclusion that it sounded very similar to the American "Illuminati" conspiracy theory; where members of the American Government, and their billionaire allies, are part of a secret society cult that worship Lucifer, conduct human trafficking and participate in satanic rituals to gain all the power and money in the world. This is very much how the Vril Society has always been described and that rumor of this woman named, Maria Orsic, who supposedly had been a psychic in contact with aliens that could tell Hitler how to build a UFO?? I was always highly skeptical of this because there seems to be only ONE picture of Maria Orsic that exists online and she looks so perfect like a drop-dead, gorgeous, face-tuned, movie star! I personally think the picture of her is fake, possibly a painted-over photograph or maybe even a painting in general. Don't you think if she was a real person there would be way more pictures of her and maybe even some pictures of her with Hitler? Yeah, so I just feel very skeptical about all that, however, Hitler really was trying to make flying saucers. 

So, back to the book, Dark Star. This book is more about what the Germans really were doing back then and less about the rumors. The bookmarked page I turned to happen to have a quote from Nikola Tesla cited from another book titled, The Tesla Papers Nikola Tesla n Free Energy & Wireless Transmission of Power edited by David Hatcher Childress. Tesla states:   

" I gained this conviction through the discovery of a singular electrical phenomenon, which I described early in 1892, in lectures delivered before some scientific societies abroad, and which I have called a "rotating brush". This is a bundle of light which is formed, under certain conditions, in a vacuum - bulb, and which is of a sensitiveness to magnetic and electric influences boarding, so to speak, on the supernatural. This light bundle is rapidly rotated by the earth's magnetism as many as twenty thousand times per second, the rotation in these parts being opposite to what it would be in the southern hemisphere, while in the region of the magnetic equator it should not rotate at all. In its most sensitive state, which is difficult to attain, it is responsive to electric or magnetic influences to an incredible degree." 

The author of Dark Star was reminded of this quote when stating that German scientist Karl Schappeller seemed to have used the "rotating brush" recipe to create his Schappeller's Device and it was a theory this technology was being developed for the German flying saucers. I'm not totally clear on how Schappeller's Device worked exactly and no one else seems to be too clear on it either because apparently his blueprints for the device have somehow been lost (?) but, I think, Schappeller's Device was a contraption that was able to generate "free-energy" meaning it didn't need to plug in or charge. It could just be up and running no matter where it was because it could grab the free-energy around it from the Earth which in theory was referred to as "aether" which currently is considered pseudoscience. Apparently, when the device started up using a special battery (I did some quick research and couldn't find what kind of "special battery" that was...) a "glowing magnetism" appeared.  Sounds very similar to Tesla's "rotating brush". Schappllers's Device seemed like a pretty good invention that should have been rolled out as a free-energy unit so that no one today would have to be on the gird, but what happened to it? Oddly, I could only find the same thin history about it, and every article I visited tended to be another UFO website or blog that discussed the occult. Most articles didn't even mention what happened to it, they just said it existed and others just said whatever happened to it was unknown... So, that makes me skeptical that possibly Schappller's Device didn't really do what we've heard it could do or did it even really exist?  

Tesla's rotating brush, on the other hand, had documentation that it definitely existed and it did some cool stuff.  Although, at the time, Tesla really didn't know what his discovery would have been used for. It was sort of just this glowing magnetic energy inside of a bulb that was highly responsive to things around it. For example, in an article on the website, Free Energy Planet, Telsa describes the glowing magnetism inside to actually move to the opposite side of the bulb when the observer would come closer to it! It also could be manipulated using a small, inch big, magnet from as far as 6 feet away! The rotation of the energy could be accelerated or slowed down depending on the position in which the magnet was being held in relation. This sounds so much like the characteristics of a UFO with the glowing light and the quick magnetic-like movements. I really think Tesla was on to something and we should look into this kind of magnetic propulsion further. Heck, if Wint-O-Green Life Savers can spark in the dark when you bite down on them (they actually do I have tested it out!) then anything is possible! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Phenomenon - New UFO Documentary Review

 Last month I watched The Phenomenon, a recent documentary that premiered Oct 6th, 2020. It's been a long while since I've seen a good UFO documentary. This is what UFO and alien believers needed. I highly recommend The Phenomenon. The film is directed by James Fox, who is also known for his UFO documentaries of the past like, I Know What I Saw and Out Of The Blue, and narrated by Peter Coyote, the actor that played Keys in E.T. (and also narrates my favorite Ken Burns’ documentaries!) The documentary outlines most of my favorite UFO encounters throughout modern history, with the exception of Travis Walton's Fire In The Sky. I don't remember it going over that story, but all my other favorites were there. Stories that I have covered here on Saucer Time such as the Malmstrom Air Force base nuclear missile launch shut down, the Rendlesham Air force base encounter, the classic Roswell crash, and probably one of my all-time favorites, the alien close encounter eyewitnesses of the Ariel elementary school in Zimbabwe. (I do apologize if you follow some of the links attached and the Youtube videos are no longer available. That happens so often with the UFO subject matter, but I leave the links there as a reminder of how often they get taken down. I wonder if it is to continue to hide the best evidence out there, or if it's just copyrights and coincidence.) 

The Phenomenon also has snippets of interviews with retired government officials, astronauts, policemen, and pilots, sharing their encounters with unexplained aircraft. There's nothing fictional about this documentary. Just the straight facts from people who would know best. I was most impressed with the Major Jesse Marcel interview. Marcel was a Major in the army in 1947. He was called to the scene when the UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. A few days later, Marcel was directed by the government to pose for the media with a damaged weather balloon to cover up what had really happened. I had never seen him speak about it all in front of a camera before, I only read interviews, but in this rare, more current, footage, Marcel casually explains that there wasn't much to it. Just a crashed UFO with unexplained material and then later a cover-up for the media. Another fascinating part of this film was when scientist Jacques Vallee had a test conducted on some tiny pieces of debris retrieved from UFO wreckage. It wasn't clear which wreckage, however, the debris turned out to be made of, what I would personally describe as, "home-made" elements. Meaning, the extraterrestrial engineers took known natural elementals, deconstructed them, and then put them together to make up new ones. The alchemy that our scientists are still trying to figure out how to do today. I also give props to The Phenomenon for catching up with the students of Ariel elementary. They are all about my age now, in their 30's and seeing them speak about their encounter was as if they had witnessed it just yesterday. They still all seemed so astonished, shocked, and confused by what they saw. They still described the UFOs or spaceships in the same way they did 30 years ago and also the description of the aliens they saw had not changed either. Big, black, eyes, and big heads are forever engraved in their minds. Although this documentary doesn't go into great detail on each incident it covers, that would be simply impossible due to the fact that there are so many details and information within each story, it still covers them all in a timely matter that keeps the viewer glued to the screen and excited to learn more. The Phenomenon is enjoyable for everyone, from the UFO subject matter newcomers to the old research pros... like myself :^) 

Saturday, October 31, 2020

20th Anniversary Of My UFO Sighting


🧡🖤🎃 Happy Halloween 🎃 🖤🧡 ⁠

It's an extra special Halloween because today is the 20th anniversary of my UFO sighting! I saw an actual extraterrestrial spacecraft on October 31st, 2000. Amazingly, there was a full moon that night as well, just like tonight's full moon. Back on that day, some friends and I were going to a Halloween party. A friend was driving and looking for a parking spot and I was in the passenger's seat. I knew there was a full moon that night and thought how perfect it was to have a full moon on Halloween night, so I looked up through the windshield to see the moon. Just as I looked I saw a falling star hailing in from space. I told my friends to look at the falling star. As we all looked, it then came to a dead stop in mid-air! At about 30,000 ft, it moved down extremely fast in a diagonal motion, then straight across and then back up to where it started, like drawing the shape of a triangle. After that, it started moving at about 500 mph maybe? And started flashing all different colored lights like red, purple, and green. Then it charged up with a really bright, white, light that looked like starlight and SHOT OFF towards the mountains at WARP SPEED! When it did that, it looked just like what happens in sci-fi movies when a spaceship goes into hyperdrive! And then it was GONE. It didn't make any sound what so ever while it did any of this. I was so shocked to actually see what all those Hard Copy and Unsolved Mystery shows talked about in the 90s. I wonder if the UFO will come back again tonight? By now, it probably has some sort of cloaking device and I'll never be able to see it, but I'm still going to keep a lookout. 👽👀⁠

(above is an animated reenactment of the pattern of the UFO. I created this a couple years ago, so please excuse the dated quality, but it does depict the accurate flight pattern.)

Saturday, March 21, 2020

My Personal Thoughts On The Global Pandemic Of Coronavirus: Written From Quarantine

It's been almost a year since I have posted on this website and the reason is because I hadn't had time due to a busy work schedule. Ironically enough, I work from home and now the world is facing a global pandemic where Americans have been asked to, "work from home." Not much has changed for me except that toilet paper and sanitary cleaning products are at an unnerving low supply at the store and even though I didn't go out too much before, now that I have been officially advised by the president to continue living the way I have (cooped up at home, afraid of crowds, traveling and people coughing and sneezing at the drug store), I feel strange. Like my fears have been officially validated and it's not irrational. The only thing I was planning to do before all this was go to the fabric store. When I think about how fun it would be to go to the fabric store and then suddenly remember I can't (most retail stores in America are currently closed), it does bring me down, just a bit. But, not too much, it's just fabric.

What really brings me down is an article I came across in my search to get to the root of this pandemic. This article posted on the National Center for Biotechnology Information and US National Library of Medicine is from Aug. 19, 2006 and it is a collection of what scientists learned after the three SARS outbreaks in China that occurred in 2002 to 2004. Three outbreaks!? In three years? I remember hearing about SARS and bird flu back then. It sounded gross, but I didn't think it was super contagious. I even worked in an office one time where someone in our office had contracted H1N1 the swine flu. I was worried about that one too, but luckily no one else in the office caught it. Apparently, COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), or also known as, Coronavirus, the "Chinese" virus and Rona as some people on Twitter decided to nickname it, is three times more contagious than the flu and it is not a flu by the way. Symptoms are "flu-like" but it is not the flu. It's a wonderful brand new virus. I'm being sarcastic when I say wonderful, but it's nice and new so that human bodies don't know how to properly react to it yet. Which is why it can be very deadly. They say that people with preexisting health issues are the most at risk, but lets be real, any living creature is at risk with an unknown virus. We can only hope that seeing as a lot of infected people have clearly survived from it, that once you catch it, you do have a chance. However, everyone should be taking every precaution to completely eliminate all risks of becoming infected. You just never know what an unknown virus will do. And who is to say that this virus won't have long term health risks? I had mononucleosis once and congratulations to me (I'm being sarcastic again) the virus that causes mononucleosis stays in the body forever. I still don't think that sounds right, but I read it clearly in an article about epstein-barr. Who's to say this virus won't stay in the body forever and decide to come out later one day when your immune system is weak? I don't mean to scare anyone, it's just that the more you are aware of, the more you will be protected from such a threat.

Going back to the article from the NCBI, my favorite part is this sentence " If no action is taken to control wildlife markets, the SARS-CoV organism may develop into an epidemic strain." 


And there you have it ladies and gentleman, IT DID! Remember, this article was written in 2006. How sad to know this recent pandemic surely would have been prevented if a stricter action had been taken. 

I have a closing statement that I really do believe. It ties into pseudoscience so bare with me if you don't like thinking on a curve. I've always felt, just by pure observation, that the Earth itself is a living creature. Lava flows through it like blood, tree's roots grow into it like veins, rocks cover it like a hardened skin, water keeps everything circulating and just as our bodies have good and bad bacteria in them, so does the Earth. Just as humans need to keep up their personal hygiene to stay healthy, so does the Earth. We need our good bacteria and white blood cells to fight off infectious disease. I think that living creatures on Earth can be either a good bacteria or bad. We are living on and off the Earth, the Earth is our host. We can create poisons on the Earth and toxins in which the Earth must purge of and in doing so it is unforgiving. That is why it is so important that humans do their part to tend to the Earth. Help keep it clean and circulating. Stop poising it's air, water and soils. Stay sanitary and don't allow disease to grow upon it. The Earth will thank us for it and lives will be saved.  

Friday, April 19, 2019

Next Time You Drink Cocoa, Thank Quetzalcoatl

Cocoa is my favorite drink. I use to drink it everyday like coffee, but then I was hit with a bout of emergency room kidney stones and at some point, I was told chocolate could have been a contributor to that. Is that true? Anyways, I slowed my cocoa drinking down, but many ultrasounds later, I discovered I still had a stone in my right kidney. It seemed quitting cocoa drinking didn't really help much. I then decided I was just going to keep drinking cocoa when I felt like it. I needed to live a little. I started drinking cocoa again this last winter when it got uncharacteristically cold in Southern, California. Now it's spring and the weather is still not warm enough for me (I only fully function at approximate 85 degrees but it's been in the 70s mostly) so I am STILL drinking hot cocoa. I heat up some milk; add some honey and one tablespoon of Hershey's Cocoa. "100% Cacao" is what it says on the container. "What is Cacao exactly?" and "Is that good for me?" I Googled. Turns out it does have health benefits! Cacao comes from a tree. A cacao tree spouts these large oval-shaped pods (very space alien-like) and inside the pods are cacao beans. These beans are ground up and components of that create cocoa powder. But, here's the really good part. As I was googling, I was completely taken back, when very nonchalantly on the Internet; the history of the cacao plant involves ancient aliens! YES, many, many years ago in Mesoamerica, specifically what is Mexico today, there was a group of people known as the Toltecs (or Olmecs, the dates are never precise). They were going about life as best they could when all of a sudden a flash of light comes from the Sun, floats down to Earth and out pops Quetzalcoatl. In other words, he landed his spaceship on Earth. Quetzalcoatl was described as looking like a serpent but also with some colorful feathers like a parrot and that was how he was given his name, which literally means, "feathered serpent" in the Nahuatl or Aztec language. He must have looked like a very colorful reptilian. Even though the people were frightened at first, they soon discovered that Quetzalcoatl had come to help them. He had great knowledge and supernatural powers. He taught them many things including the arts and nutrition! The people did so well in learning from Quetzalcoatl that he decided to treat them with his favorite drink from his home planet of Venus. Arrangements were made and Quetzalcoatl planted the first cacao trees on Earth. He taught the people how to make the cocoa drink. This rich history was documented by the Toltec people and many years after, was taught and worshiped by the Aztecs and the Mayans. These cultures also got to enjoy the drink of the Gods. When the Spaniards came to Mesoamerica they were introduced to cocoa and the amazing cacao tree. The Spaniards decided to add cocoa to milk with honey and this is the recipe I drink today! They took the treat back to Europe and it was a hit. I'm embarrassed to admit I had no idea that cocoa originated in the jungles of Mexico. I thought it was from Europe because it's so popular there. Germany, Spain and France go crazy with chocolate delicacies. But, it's from Mexico. No wonder I'm hooked on it. My DNA has 19% Native American, Northern Michoacán from my Grandfather. Michoacán is located only 4 hours from Tula de Allende where the Toltecs lived. It is literally engraved in my DNA to drink cocoa; a gift from the gods. Raise your mug and cheers to Quetzalcoatl!

Temple of Quetzalcoatl 

Artist depiction of Quetzalcoatl.
Please give credit if you know the artist and I will update.