Welcome to Saucer Time! I started this website in 2012 as a source for UFO and extraterrestrial independent research. I became extremely interested in UFOs and the possibility of other life in the universe after witnessing a UFO in October of 2000. I tell my story below-

alien-defined on tumblr asked: "What are your personal experiences with extra-terrestrials, or are you simply passionate about researching? I have to ask, I'm rather obsessed as well!"

My personal experience was on October 31st, 2000 near the San Bernardino mountains. Three friends and I were driving to a Halloween party and we saw a UFO. My friend was looking for a spot to park the car while I happen to be looking out the window at the full Moon. As I glanced up, I saw what I thought was a falling star and told everyone to look. We watched the star descend from space and then it came to a stark stop! We all fell completely silent as the "star" made a swift movement, drawing the shape of a perfect triangle starting and stopping at the same point. The object then began to fly a little slower and went through a colorful light pattern before charging up with an extremely bright, white light and shooting off so fast that it basically disappeared. I was speechless, but another friend said, “it’s a UFO.” I haven’t really seen anything exactly like what I saw that night since. I’ve seen similar glowing orbs in the sky that move and than disappear, but you have to look for them. They basically look like a star floating on ice and their light sources vary from bright to dim and then fade out. 

I have never had an alien abduction experience, or close encounter or telepathy experiences, just an eye witness to something completely palpable and it was very exciting to see. I wish more people could of seen what my friends and I saw. I grew up with a father in the air force reserve. I attended many air shows as a kid and learned all about different types of air craft. Believe me, I can tell the difference between a man made aircraft and something out of this world. I showed my father the re enactment animation I created below. His response was, "That fast?!" and I said, "yes. What is it?" He responded with, "I don't know." and walked out of the room.

I didn’t think much of UFOs and aliens before I saw this UFO, but it plainly convinced me that we are not alone.

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