Welcome to Saucer Time! I started this website in 2012 as a source for UFO and extraterrestrial independent research. I became extremely interested in UFOs and the possibility of other life in the universe after witnessing a UFO in October of 2000. I tell my story below:

alien-defined on tumblr asked: "What are your personal experiences with extra-terrestrials, or are you simply passionate about researching? I have to ask, I'm rather obsessed as well!"

My personal experience was on October 31st, 2000 near the San Bernardino mountains. Three friends and I were driving to a Halloween party and we saw a UFO. My friend was looking for a spot to park the car while I happen to be looking out the window at the full Moon. As I glanced up, I saw what I thought was a falling star and told everyone to look. We watched the star descend from space and then it came to a stark stop! We all fell completely silent as the "star" made a swift movement, drawing the shape of a perfect triangle starting and stopping at the same point. The object then began to fly a little slower and went through a colorful light pattern before charging up with an extremely bright, white light and shooting off so fast that it basically disappeared. I was speechless, but another friend said, “it’s a UFO.” I haven’t really seen anything exactly like what I saw that night since. I’ve seen similar glowing orbs in the sky that move and then disappear, but you have to look for them. They basically look like a star floating on ice and their light sources vary from bright to dim and then fade out.
I have never had an alien abduction experience, or close encounter or telepathy experiences, just an eyewitness to something completely palpable and it was very exciting to see. I wish more people could have seen what my friends and I saw. I grew up with a father in the air force reserve. I attended many air shows as a kid and learned all about different types of aircraft. Believe me, I can tell the difference between a man-made aircraft and something out of this world. I showed my father the re-enactment animation I created below. His response was, "That fast?!" and I said, "yes. What is it?" He responded with, "I don't know." and walked out of the room.

I didn’t think much of UFOs and aliens before I saw this UFO, just that the subject matter was something fun in pop culture, but after my encounter, I was plainly convinced we are not alone.

Update: Since this Q and A, I have in fact had a lucid dream of an alien gray. I wouldn't consider it being an abductions in any way, but it was a very surreal moment. About 10 years after seeing the UFO, I had a very vivid dream that I was at a supermarket and suddenly the entire floor dropped from under my feet. An alien resembling an alien gray, with glowing pale skin and huge pitch-black, shiny, eyes, grabbed my hand as the entire Earth fell away from us. The strange part is that, in space, the Earth can't fall like that, yet I watched it fall below us. The alien and I were left floating in space as it continued to hold my hand. I then woke up from the dream and it was morning. I rolled over and was completely startled to see the alien was in my bed laying next to me looking me right in the face! The jolt of surprise awoke me for a second time, like a false awakening. This time I was definitely awake, it was still morning, everything in the room was the same, but the alien was gone. The alien never spoke, but I did receive telepathic thoughts. The messages I received implied that the alien was going to save me from the end of Earth or my Earthly existence and that somehow I am connected to it in some way. Whether it is using me as an avatar here on Earth or that I am the alien looking at my future self in the next life or dimension was suggested but, not exactly clear to me. Maybe I need to get better at telepathy to fully understand. 


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