Sunday, March 12, 2017

Alien Ex Votos: Close In Counters In Mexico

Ex votos, also known as retablolamina or votive paintings, came to Mexico via Spain by Franciscan monks. They are like illustrated Thank You cards to the Virgin Mary and other Catholic saints thanking the saints for a time in which they helped protect their faithful believers. Ex votos tell real life stories of the people that lived through what they believed to be miracles. Some ex votos are almost like mini illustrated episodes of Paranormal Witness. I particularly enjoy the art of ex votos, but what really caught my attention is how many ex votos tell stories of extraterrestrials and UFO encounters! I've collected a few ex votos that do so and translated them as best I could. Some are hard to read, but close encounters in Mexico seem to be very common. 

"At night I was very thirsty and I went to the kitchen for a glass of water. But, to my horror, I saw that there were martians eating at the table in my kitchen and my dog, who is a good guardian, looked like he was hypnotized or paralyzed. I'm thankful to the Virgin of Zapopan because the extraterrestrials didn't see me and I could escape safe and sound until they left. " 

" On the road to Tepoztlan we encountered a group of green martians who wanted to detain us, but thanks to the Virgin of Gaudalupe, we escaped without them grabbing us. Oct. 16, 1967"

"When we were going to church, Dorotea and I felt like something was following us and we saw that it was some martians. We were very frightened, and we ran to the church and started to pray that nothing would happen to us. Leaving the church we saw that the martians had left and only had taken the birds in the corral of the town. We give thanks to the Virgin of San Juan for protecting us and the other people. "

"Juaquin Ramirez took the animals to drink water at the lake and then suddenly a UFO appeared and took away a cow that belonged to his friend. He gives infante thanks to the son of Atocha for believing him that he wasn't the one that took the cow away or make him pay for the cow."

"When we returned to the city in the morning after the (? hard to read, something the parrots?), my family and I saw a UFO that took all of the in habitants of the city. We gave thanks to the Virgin of Zapopen because the UFO had come and was leaving while we were not there."