Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Natural Color Image of Saturn

This is a natural color image of Saturn and it’s largest moon, Titan, from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hieroglyphic-Type Symbols

I have been working on compiling a list of characteristics that have been constant in UFO sightings. One common characteristic on my list that has been reported in close encounters with UFOs is, hieroglyphic type symbols. 

The first two drawings are from the Dec. 26th, 1980 UFO close encounter at Rendlesham Forest. United States Air Force security officer, Jim Penniston, was a witness when a triangular craft landed near the East Gate of RAF Woodbridge. He recorded the symbols he saw on the UFO and then later submitted a cleaned up version in the debriefing of the incident. (As you can see, in his first recording of the symbols, his handwriting looks rather shaky. This is a good sign he was very overwhelmed by what he was seeing.) 

The third drawing depicts the symbols Jesse Marcel Jr. remembers seeing on the unexplained debris found at the Roswell New Mexico crash site in 1947.  

Attorney Daniel Sheehan, while working on a special project with congress in 1977, claims to have seen photographs of what he believed was an extraterrestrial space craft. These photographs were stored somewhere in the basement of the Madison building! In one of the close up photographs of the outside of the craft, Sheehan noticed hieroglyphic type symbols. He secretly recorded those symbols down on the back of his notepad. I searched hopefully for a scan of his notepad with the symbols, but I found nothing except for an online forum discussion in 2007 stating Sheehan has yet to reveal what he recorded. 

If only I could see the symbols Daniel Sheehan recorded…Maybe they match one of the above or even more confusing, maybe they are completely different. There is very little evidence of these symbols to try and begin to see a pattern of language, but my theory is the symbols found on the Rendlesham Forest craft could be a language and the symbols found on the Roswell wreckage could be numbers. Although I’m basing my theory solely off of the language patterns found on Earth. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

December 3rd 2012, Mercury , Venus and Saturn Will Align

On December 3rd 2012, Mercury , Venus and Saturn will align in the northeast over the pyramids in Giza. This particular alignment over the spacing of the pyramids is very rare. This won’t happen again for another 2,000 years. 

Most astronomers will probably say this event is just a coincidence, but given the evidence of ancient Egypt’s impact in history, I keep an open mind. This could be a phenomena lost with an ancient civilization that seemed to have known a few things about the universe that we have yet to understand… 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

UFO Job Discrimination?

A smart and inspiring man named Robert Dean experienced job discrimination when he was denied a job because he believed in UFOs. He took the matter to court and he WON

This video tells his story. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Alleged Alien Moon Base

As I promised, I did more research on the alleged alien moon base located on the dark side of the moon. I was fascinated when I heard Sergeant Karl Wolfe’s story. He was working as a technician for the U.S. Air force in 1965 when his services were called upon by NASA to fix a piece of electronic equipment that was interfering with Lunar Orbiter 1’s functions. When he arrived at Langley field, he observed scientist from all over the world at the facility. He thought it odd, but continued on his duty. While trying to take a look at the technical difficulties in the photo dark room, an airman second class told Wolfe, who was also an airman second class at the time, that they had found a base on the moon. The airman second class then proceeded to show photographs to Wolfe, where structures, towers, spherical and mushroom shaped buildings were CLEARLY seen. After realizing that this information was breaching security, Wolfe didn’t question to see anything more and soon after government security did enter the room. 

I found these Lunar Orbiter photographs on line showing what appears to be smudged or airbrushed out patches in the photographs. Could this be where the moon bases were covered up?

And interestingly, I discovered that Karl Wolfe had been been working on the Lunar Orbiter in mid 1965 before the Lunar Orbiter Project was officially announced in 1966…Hmm. A lot can be covered up in a year.

If you would like to search for possible moon base locations in the photographs of the moon yourself, feel free to roam the photographs on this website

The first pictures of the far side of the moon were taken by the Soviet Luna 3 in 1959. The photographs were released to the world after they were cleaned up to try and approve the quality, but the quality was still very poor.

Also in my research I came across the GRAIL project. This project allows middle schoolers to select target areas on the moon, including the far side, and send requests to the GRAIL MoonKAM which then sends photographs of those areas to the MoonKam website. So far, no middle schoolers have reported seeing alien bases, yet…

After observing as many photographs of the moon available on line as I could. I have come to the conclusion that none of the public photographs I’ve seen clearly show anything. I found myself wondering if that was a crater, mountain or a moon base. It’s hard to say due to the high black and white contrast in most of the photographs. I do believe what Karl Wolfe says he saw and I also highly rely on the audio from Apollo 11, but I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. Just this really cool audio of Neil Armstrong when he first steps on the moon. He sounds pretty calm to me.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

MORE UFO Sightings in Jackson Missouri

MORE UFO Sightings in Jackson Missouri on August 3rd. Also the grand daughter of William Huffman recalls what her grandfather told her about the UFO that crashed there in 1941. If you haven’t heard about the 1941 Missouri UFO crash, the case reads as follows: Rev. William Huffman was called to what he thought was a plane crash sight to pray over the tragedy, but when he arrived, he discovered that it was not a plane but a UFO and lying on the ground were three alien bodies. Soon after the military showed up demanding that Huffman must swear to secrecy. For more on this story check out

Monday, August 6, 2012



The most astonishing stories came from Sergeant Karl Wolf (57:49) who said NASA found an alien moon base on the dark side of the moon and he clearly saw the pictures! and also Sergeant Clifford Stone (1:10:48) who said since the first UFO crash site he investigated in 1969, there has been 12 more!  Alien bodies were recovered, some deceased and some of them, ALIVE. 

After watching the video and hearing the stories, I now see why the government would choose to keep this information from the public. Our national security seems completely defenseless against the UFOS and with all their encounters it seems understanding extraterrestrial technology is in no way easy.  

I’m very interested in the alien moon base so I will be posting more on that. Stay tuned…

Friday, August 3, 2012

What are your personal experiences with extra-terrestrials, or are you simply passionate about researching?

alien-defined on tumblr asked: What are your personal experiences with extra-terrestrials, or are you simply passionate about researching? I have to ask, I'm rather obsessed as well! My personal experience was on October 31st, 2000 near the San Bernardino mountains. Three friends and I were driving to a Halloween party and we saw a UFO. My friend was looking for a spot to park the car while I happen to be looking out the window at the full Moon. As I glanced up, I saw what I thought was a falling star and told everyone to look. We watched the star descend from space and then it came to a stark stop! We all fell completely silent as the "star" made a swift movement, drawing the shape of a perfect triangle starting and stopping at the same point. The object then began to fly a little slower and went through a colorful light pattern before charging up with an extremely bright, white light and shooting off so fast that it basically disappeared. I was speechless, but another friend said, “it’s a UFO.” I haven’t really seen anything exactly like what I saw that night since. I’ve seen similar glowing orbs in the sky that move and than disappear, but you have to look for them. They basically look like a star floating on ice and their light sources vary from bright to dim and then fade out. 

I have never had an alien abduction experience, or close encounter or telepathy experiences, just an eye witness to something completely palpable and it was very exciting to see. I wish more people could of seen what my friends and I saw. I made this re enactment to help put visuals to my experience. If you have any experiences you would like to share on this website please do! The more evidence we have, the closer we will come to discovering what is out there!