Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fire In The Sky: The TRUE Story

I remember seeing the movie Fire In The Sky years ago when it happen to be playing on TV. The movie terrified me and when I found out it was based on a TRUE story, I was even more terrified! Years after I would be afraid to go to sleep at night like a little child, afraid of the dark and of any light that passed my window. I would hope that I wasn’t going to get abducted by cruel aliens that would drag me across the floor and shove jello down my throat. Then after I saw my first UFO, it looked so technically advance that I knew something so amazing could only be created by intelligent beings and what intelligent beings would drag someone across a floor and shove jello down their throat?

I wasn’t afraid of aliens after that, I realized they’ve got to be just like our NASA team only way more ahead of us. Would our astronauts steal an alien, observe it and then throw it back down to it’s planet? Yeah they probably would given the chance, but I have a hard time thinking they would go in to an alien’s dwelling to snatch one up. That would be a lot of trouble and dangerously risky. Specially if it was just some random alien. I am a random earthling and I doubt aliens would come in to my house to kidnap me, but if I were in the middle of the forest and standing under their UFO, the odds of me being abducted, I feel,would be a lot greater. That is why out of all the alien abduction stories I know of, Travis Walton’s story is THE MOST believable and the story he and his fellow loggers tell is very different than the one Hollywood conjured up in Fire In The Sky. (Although that movie will still always be one of my favorite scary alien films.)

Last night I watched Travis Walton and the loggers tell their story in a new episode of Paranormal Witness on SyFy channel. This is a must see episode! To see the men tell their stories and see the looks on their faces that still held confusion, amazement and fear. One logger even began to cry during his interview recalling how terrified he was for years after the experience. (I don’t blame him.)

My favorite part of the story was when Walton describe what he remembers seeing in the spaceship. A room where the walls and ceiling were just dark with little lights like stars. (Maybe he was looking in to Space?) In the middle of the room was a chair with buttons on it. He tried pressing the buttons hoping it would open a door to get out, but they did nothing. Then he pressed on a lever on the chair and it made the stars in the room start to move. A man then entered the room! He was human looking Walter explains, the man’s eyes looked a little strange, but for the most part he looked just like a human. The man said nothing to him as he guided him through what looked like a hanger filled with other UFOs and then handed him over to three other human looking beings. The beings then proceeded to put a plastic mask over his nose and mouth and that was the last he remembers before being dumped back on to Earth.

There is lots more to the story if you watch the The Abduction Paranormal Witness episode, but the stories I’ve been hearing about alien’s looking like humans both excites me and terrifies me at the same time!

Here is a link to Travis Walton’s website if anyone would like to further learn about his experience.

Walton’s abduction occurred in 1975 in the state of Arizona. In conclusion, all of the loggers including Travis Walton, passed lie detector tests with flying colors. They continue to stick to their story because it really happen. The police investigators that investigated Walton’s missing person report while he was floating on a UFO for 4 days, still think it was all a hoax even though they’ve found absolutely no evidence of the sort…so, sounds like the truth to me!