Friday, February 10, 2017

More Bigfoot Sightings At Yellowstone

I first saw this video on Coast To Coast AM's Facebook page. 6 burly figures gather together in Yellowstone National Park. We can see roughly the size of each creature in the scene. My fist initial thought is something more tangible like a family of bears but, as I watched, I noticed they were clearly walking comfortably upright like humans. My second viewing of the video with closer attention, revealed that due to the location and measuring points of the ground and trees around them, the creatures all appear to be rather large. So, now I've narrowed my options down to either Bigfoots, or really tall people. Another thing I noticed is that they appeared to all be dressed the same. Maybe all wearing big, puffy, dark coats. Still, it's narrowed down to Bigfoots or really tall people wearing really big coats.
Buffalo was ruled out because you can see the creatures walking on two feet from the front and when they turn to the side. Although hazy, this video is still a good piece of evidence. There are definite measuring points for Bigfoot investigators to inspect if they decide to properly measure distances to determine height.

The Youtube account, Bahinko, that posted this video said they were watching a Yellowstone Old Faithful webcam live stream when the creatures appeared. Shortly after he began filming the feed on his phone, the cam was suddenly moved away from the scene! Reminiscent of what happens to NASA live streams when a possible UFO is spotted. Maybe rangers at Yellowstone are fully aware of the creatures but do not make this knowledge known to the public to protect the Bigfoots. There could be an entire Bigfoot Protection Program. Until 6 people come forward and say "hey! That was us!" It looks like these might be Bigfoots.

[source: Video by Cryptid Countdown on YouTube]

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