Monday, June 26, 2017

Relearning The Lost History of The Origins of Earth

My reading material, as of late, includes this book by Paul Von Ward titled, We've Never Been Alone: A History of Extraterrestrial Intervention.

This is the author's bio on Google: "Paul Von Ward holds graduate degrees in government and psychology from Harvard and Florida State University. He served in the US Navy and as a Foreign Service Officer for the US State Department. He is the founder of the Washington-based nonprofit Delphi International, which provides cross-cultural exchanges, professional training, and overseas development. He lives in Dahlonega, GA." 

The book was first published back in 2011 and I found it quite intriguing how strongly it predicted the challenges our world faces today. One challenge being the retaliation of society when presented with truths. If the truth is, that we are not in control and that some unknown universal force or possibly advanced extraterrestrial beings are in control, then the dependent power hungry people who need others to believe they are in control, will lose that power and soon die off. For these dependents who's lives are only functional if they can keep others un-awakened, it is a matter of life or death. This explains why these types of people will go to extremes to keep others in the dark. The book mentions one of the tactics is the divide and concur tactic: Influence societies and nations to divide and become weak so that they lose foundation and therefore can be easily conquered. They believe the weak and dumb won't search for a higher level of education or consciousness so they will be easily controlled. Sound familiar? Well, it's an old tactic, but it has a solution and the solution is to not lose sight of the bigger picture. We have to continue to stay awakened, to continue to scientifically study our origins and remember where we came from physically and metaphysically. These studies always point back to the stars. 

I'm still in the midst of reading, but I also watched an amazing documentary the other day that coincided, coincidentally, with this book! It's a documentary on Netflix called, Is Genesis History? 
It explores the historical events recorded in The Book of Genesis and compares them with scientific evidence to determine wether this history of our origins is make believe or factual. As tour guide, Del Tackett, speaks with some awesome and really smart scientists, the evidence is shocking! There is even a segment in the documentary that examines a sample of fossilized triceratops skin that is still stretchy!! It even shows the skin under the microscope stretching! Which means that dinosaurs could possibly be not as old as we thought and in fact our whole world might not be has old as we've been thinking. Be prepared to, as Yoda would say, "unlearn what you have learned." 

My studies are, to be continued...

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