Friday, February 22, 2013

Riddle of the Skies: Space Worm!

Riddle of the Skies is a one hour and thirty six minuet documentary available to stream on Hulu's list of free content.
The movie has compiled interviews with pilots, astronauts and scientist all discussing their takes on UFO phenomena.
Some of the stories in this documentary I have heard of before, but there was one story that was new to me...
The Space Worm!! That's right, astronaut of thirty years, Story Musgrave calls it his "eel". Musgrave has been on six missions in space and twice he has seen the worm. He mentions he is not sure how big it was because in space it can be difficult to tell how far away an object is.

Watch the video below to see the wiggly worm! There is actual footage of it and whatever it is, it definitely looks like a biological life form.

If NASA says they are continuing their search for some type of other life in the universe, than why are such clearly interesting subjects like this space worm being over looked? Are ground breaking discoveries in space really being hidden from the public? Or maybe NASA has not yet discovered a non dangerous way to further examine unknown creatures and mysterious happenings in the final frontier.
I can imagine how extremely risky it would be to get close to an unknown specimen in outer space. Who knows if it's harmless or if it's just a gigantic E. coli. Hopefully in the near future NASA can send out more robots to get closer to space worms and objects of extreme interest.

But in conclusion, ::waving:: "Hello! totally legit evidence of life in space, over here!"

Friday, February 15, 2013

Russia Has Confirmed The Meteor Crash

The smoking object that streaked across Russia's sky yesterday morning (nighttime for the U.S.), has been confirmed by Russian scientists as a meteor.
The space rock was estimated to have been 150ft long, weighing 10 tons, entered the Earth's atmosphere at 33,000mph, creating a sonic boom.
It broke in to pieces falling over the Urals city of Chelyabinsk where it unfortunately injured hundreds of people due to the shattering of windows and debris that was produced.
No deaths have been reported yet, but 110 victims remain in the hospital with serious head wounds.

A giant chunk of the meteorite impacted a frozen lake outside the town of Chebakul, leaving an eighteen foot wide hole in the ice.
(As shown in the picture above.)

U.K. news paper The Telegraph has published some witness's descriptions of what they saw, felt and heard, the moment the meteor flew by.
Follow the link to read more-

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Possible Meteor Crashes In Russia

Videos of a possible meteor are flooding in from Russia. The object at this point is still not confirmed, but it burned through the sky leaving a smoking trail behind it and creating a large BOOM!

See the videos below:

More videos at this link

Tomorrow a rather large meteor is said to be passing through Earth and the moon. Hopefully it will pass by safely and I will still be here to blog about it...

Friday, February 8, 2013

This Is Not A UFO: The X-47B

Don't confuse this triangular shaped craft as a UFO. It is identified as the X-47B. It's a drone! This means it is without a human pilot inside the cockpit. What is even more amazing, is that unlike drones of the past that were flown by humans using a remote control, the X-47B is autonomous! It's flying itself.
Yesterday afternoon, the super drone successfully responded to a computer command. It launched itself from a land-based catapult at the Navy test facility in Maryland.
A catapult launch is used on aircraft carriers. The catapult literally launches an aircraft to give it an extra push as it's taking off. Now that the land-based catapult test has done very well, the next test is for the X-47B to catapult launch and land on a carrier. The test looks scheduled for sometime this spring or summer.
Right now the X-47B is supposedly unarmed, but the future as many possibilities for the robot soldier in the making. The drone could be used for surveillance, jamming of enemy air defenses, transporting weapons or one day just flat out be part of an army an Iron Man robots to help defend our country. Ok, my imagination might of ran away with me a little bit there, but that's the future I like to picture for the X-47B. It would save a lot of lives.

Once again, this is not a UFO. If you see a dark triangular shape flying through the air, look for it's very visible landing gear and plane lights that blink. It also makes a jet engine noise. If it's missing these elements and hovering, might be an extraterrestrial UFO!


Friday, February 1, 2013

UFO Watchtower in Hooper Colorado Offers A Place To Spot ET UFOs

What started out as just something for fun, hoping to attract tourist off the highway, the UFO watchtower became much more than that. It actually lived up to it's name.

After moving to San Luis Valley in Colorado to raise cows, rancher Judy Mesoline, began hearing many UFO stories from the locals. This is what inspired her idea for a UFO watchtower!
Judy had never experience any UFO phenomena up until that point, but this soon changed. After having to sell her cows due to struggling in the ranching business, a fellow farmer encouraged Judy to actually bring her watchtower idea to life.

The spacey looking dome surrounded by friendly alien decorations rests in Hooper Colorado. Inside, you will find a shop/museum and on top, a tower where up to sixty people can participate in UFO gazing. There has been over 67 sightings at the watchtower alone and Judy has now seen many UFOs herself, since the tower opened in 2000. When referring to if she believes in extraterrestrial UFOs she stated, "And do I believe now? You betcha."

Vice Media has created a well produced, short documentary titled, Valley Of The Ufos, about the UFO watchtower. It starts off with Judy Mesoline's story and than cuts to a guy and his giant pet crocodile! But keep watching, the witnesses' descriptions of UFOs are very similar to what I have seen! Especially when Judy compares one of her sightings to a falling star. Please watch the video below and keep an eye on the sky.

Link to the UFO watch tower website:

(Source: Produced by Erin Lee Carr and edited by Chris O'Coin.)