Monday, October 27, 2014

Update: Boyd Bushman Alien Photograph Looks Like Alien Doll

I came across these alien doll photographs on the internet. It looks just like the alien in Boyd's photograph. I really believe Boyd worked on anti gravity projects, but I was not sure of the alien photographs he revealed in his video. They didn't look real, but then I don't know what a real alien looks like. It was also never specified if the alien in Boyd's pictures was alive or dead. He mentioned that the alien pictures were given to him after he was no longer working at Area 51. Someone might of thought Boyd was being a little too nosey and to shut him up, they gave him these pictures of a fake alien. Or someone, sadly, was playing a practical joke on him. It is quite a let down. UFO enthusiasts so badly want to see a real alien!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Boyd Bushman Tell All UFO and Alien Video with Pictures

Boyd Bushman, was a retired Senior Scientist for Lockheed Martin. He passed away in August of this year, but before he died, he created this "tell all" video.
Bushman explains, casually, how UFOs operate, what aliens look like, where they are from, and how long it takes them to get to Earth (only 45 minuets, if you were wondering.) All of this information accompanied by photographs taken by himself, his colleagues and aliens! Yes, it seems to be true, that America has been working with aliens for years. The aliens were even given some cameras to take some crazy good pictures of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Earth from their spaceships. Bushman even had photographs of his tests with UFO materials. It's a wonderful presentation that definitely coincides with the UFOs that I have seen and also the other stories that I find to be very credible. Even Travis Walton's abduction story falls into place when Bushman describes being able to see through the inside walls of a UFO. If I re-call, in the book Fire In The Sky, Travis explains the moment he walked into a room inside the UFO. He could see stars all around him, but was not sure if he was actually looking out at Space or if it was just a projection.
There still seems to be some undiscovered elements to UFOs and how they work and Bushman also mentioned people have died testing them. Which also makes sense as to why man-made UFOs have yet to make a public appearance. Bushman doesn't really go into complete detail, after all,  he worked as a scientist many years ago. It seems his hands on experience was with UFOs, but I'm not sure he actually got to meet any aliens like his colleagues did. This video solidifies my thoughts on what UFOs look like, but it raises questions about aliens. If they can speak to us, why have they not told anyone how they make their aircraft? If they walk in and out of their UFOs, does that mean they breath oxygen? My list of questions goes on...