Saturday, June 10, 2023

Las Vegas UFO 911 Call Alien Encounter April 30, 2023

A very intriguing incident happened on the night of April 30, 2023, in a residential area of Las Vegas, Nevada. If the incident proves credible, it's going down in UFO history as a prominent event that America hasn't seen the likes of since Roswell. However, unlike Roswell, hard evidence of an alien crash was nowhere to be found, so there was nothing for the military to retrieve. It could be because there was never a crash at all. Maybe it was a visitation.

The story begins with footage of a Las Vegas police officer's bodycam. While the officer is tending to what appeared to be a domestic dispute call, a bright, glowing, blue disk-shaped object streaks across the night sky. The flying shape distracts both the officer and a civilian who was reporting a dispute. The civilian quickly stops talking and turns around to view the strange object. Figuring out what this extraordinary object could be becomes the officer's new priority.

Moments later, a 911 call comes in from a family in that same neighborhood. A young man by the name of Angel nervously tells the dispatcher that his family lives in a house with a large backyard. While his brother, father, and he were working on a car, they suddenly saw a bunch of bright lights come racing down from the sky to the middle of their backyard. They felt an "energy" or shockwave when it met the ground and heard a loud bang. Angel then proceeded to explain that some 8- to 10-foot-tall beings appeared and that they looked like aliens. They had really big, shiny, eyes and big mouths. He also added that this was not a "joke". 

The police arrived shortly after to hear the family's story. Having just seen what appeared to be a "UFO" minuets before, the police officers were clearly a bit spooked. They believed the family was being honest but could not be sure if what the family saw was actually aliens or if the flying object from the bodycam was actually a UFO. It became another strange unsolved case that is now reportedly closed.

Here is a list of key elements to note about this encounter:

• Law enforcement recorded actual footage of an unidentified flying object that night.

• The officer who spotted the object later mentioned that he originally thought it was a "falling star."

• The object could be a number of things: a meteor, a ball of lightning, an alien craft, etc. But when asked if there was any testing or running drills that night, the military claimed that they were not doing anything of the sort.

• A neighbor's home security camera caught a flash of bright light and a loud sonic boom at the same time the object was reported to have landed. [Update: The video was actually recorded 2 weeks prior around April 14, 2023. It’s still very strange to have so much meteor activity in the area, yet geologists do not seem interested in retrieving any of the meteorites.] 

• Angel said the area in which the bright light had hit in the backyard appeared to be blurry, as if the object was trying to camouflage itself. 

• Angel and his family also reported that they heard multiple footsteps scattering around their backyard and also heard noises of footsteps on the roof. 

• Angel later, in a video on YouTube (video below), went into further detail on what the "aliens" looked like. He said they were 8 feet to 10 feet in height. They had very slim bodies, long arms and legs, big heads, big eyes, big mouths, a greenish-grayish skin tone, and did not appear to be wearing any clothing. He mentions making eye contact with one of the beings, and upon eye contact, he experienced a moment of paralysis in which Angel said he could not move.

• One alien went over to a tractor in the family's backyard to inspect the controls.

• Home security footage of the event was caught on video. Unfortunately, the moment the bright light hits the ground, the video screen goes black, and when the screen comes back, the bright object is gone.

• Information on the departure of the landed object and the alien beings has not been clear. 

• A few days after the incident, police returned to the family's home and saw men in suits, hats, and sunglasses leaving the residence. (This sounds a lot like the family was visited by the Men in Black.)

• It was reported that Angel has video of the aliens he saw. That footage has not been released.

• This encounter happened around May 1st, 2023, but was not widely reported by mainstream news until a month later around June 7th, 2023. 

My thoughts on this story are that, until proven to be false, it sounds real. Skeptics would disagree, of course. Since the only hard evidence released to the public was the police bodycam footage, was the blue light actually a UFO? There are no official government experts who could address the matter, considering UFOs are always a classified subject. In my research and from what I have witnessed, UFOs look like organic space matter. They've been described as resembling stars, falling stars, meteors, and more. Yes, it could have been a plain coincidence that a meteor flew by before a family called 911 with a fake alien story. I don't know, but anyone with a tractor in your backyard, you better keep an eye out! Maybe the aliens use those tractors to make the crop circles. I would also like to add my opinion on the aliens that were described. They sounded like reptilians based on the description of greenish-grayish skin, big, shiny eyes, and a large mouth. What do you think of this encounter story?

[Official 911 call and news report videos are below.]