Friday, October 11, 2013

Interviews with the Educated School Children who Witnessed UFO in Zimbabwe

In 1994, 62 private elementary school students witnessed a UFO and an "alien" emerge from the craft after it landed near the school grounds of Ariel elementary school in Zimbabwe. The school could not deny the testimony of 62 educated witnesses, so they called up Cynthia Hind, one of South Africa's top UFO researchers, who asked the head master, Colin Mackie, to have some of the students draw out what they saw. When Hind arrived at the school the next day, she had 35 drawings waiting for her. 

A few of the students and their parents were interviewed by psychiatrist Dr. John Mack.   This can be seen in the video below. One of my favorite parts of the video happens around (5:00) when the little boy describes what the alien's eyes looked like. It's probably the most detailed description I have heard yet. Read more details about this video on the Youtube channel here.


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