Monday, October 7, 2013

Flying Saucer UFO Spotted Hovering Over London

Felix Buxton of the London based band, Basement Jaxx, saw a UFO hovering over London last April. Here is what he said in an interview for The Guardian.

"I didn't see aliens waving at me. It was in the middle of the afternoon last April. I was having a cup of tea with a singer and we were chatting and outside the window there was this thing hovering over London. The nearest thing it looked like was a flying saucer." It was the start of a new obsession: he began to spend hours on the internet researching "conspiracy theories, UFOs, alien life", he spoke at the Oxford Union about his sighting and flying saucers began to loom over their forthcoming album.
"Probably every song I was like, 'Let's make it about UFOs,'" he laughs. "Simon was like, 'Let's not make this one about UFOs.'"
Maybe someone might of caught on camera the UFO Buxton saw. After googling,"UFO over London- April" to see what comes up, this video surfaced. UFOs WERE spotted from an airplane in April of 2012 and can be seen in this video below. 

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