Friday, September 20, 2013

The Government Is Still Hiding UFOs

Check out NASA UFO Files Unexplained. It shows NASA video footage of UFOs in space and some interviews with the astronauts who saw them. These clips of footage are just a few of many UFOs seen and caught on video by NASA. Sure a lot of the flashing lights, sparkling particles and floating orbs can be explained by video elusions of sunlight on space junk or ice, but what was the red light UFO? That was a most interesting encounter and so is my favorite space worm.

I know there is extraterrestrials without a doubt. My personal mission is to find out anything I can about them. I never thought I would be one of those, "I can't give you all the information because it's secret" people, but I have actually found myself in that position. I have a source, who knows a source, that has given information to me about what they discovered while working on a new television show about UFOs. I don't want to give out their name or the name of the channel for privacy reasons so you can believe me or not, but I know that my source interviewed UFO witnesses and ufologist who gave astounding stories of their UFO encounters and information on Roswell. The information that was acquired was more convincing than anything. The Roswell incident is known by senior ufologists as an extraterrestrial made craft that crashed with biological androids aboard it. All the interviewees had more evidence that extraterrestrials are the originators of the saucer shaped air craft than not. When the source reported this information back to the channel's producers, they were given strict orders that the show can not say aliens exist and the content should be focused more on Nazis and Hitler making saucer shaped crafts. I guess I was too naive to think UFO cover up still existed in this day and age of modern science and technology, but apparently it still does and I want to find out why...

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