Monday, March 25, 2013

UFO and SciFi Community on Google Plus

My Facebook as of late has become rather non interactive. Aside from the short conversations I have on there with my family and friends I know in "real life", I feel really disconnected from all the other online interactions. I follow a lot of professional companies and popular UFO source websites, but no one seems to be engaging in interesting conversations about the subject matter. It's mostly a lot of Likes, a comment here and there and some hate comments usually followed by a comment by someone that makes completely no sense that doesn't even pertain to the original post. So I strayed from Facebook and sought out online interaction else where. I clicked around my Google plus profile and found it has a lot to offer! I found two really great communities on Google Plus where the members stir up really interesting conversations and embrace other member's opinions and thoughts.

I'm having a positive experience with it, so if you are looking for some great UFO and SciFi communities on Google Plus, these are my two favorites:

Sci-Fi -The premiere SF community on Google+

UFO -World UFO Reporting Center

Know of any other UFO communities that are note worthy? leave a link in the comments below.

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