Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Most Detailed Description of An Alien Gray

There has been rumored information about the alleged alien bodies that were found many years ago at the Roswell crash site. Documents that were brought forward and witness interviews with modern Roswell researchers provided extraordinary information. If this information was or is true, it would be quite amazing. One researcher met with a doctor that possibly worked closely with the alien bodies during 1947. The researcher gathered very detailed information from the doctor. This information is the most descriptive I have come across, so far, of what the alien bodies might have looked like. These descriptions, combined with the ancient alien theories and Travis Walton’s story, sparked a wild hypothesis in my mind:

What if alien grays are synthetic biological life forms created by aliens who are in fact just our more advanced ancestors living on another planet/galaxy/dimension and they send the alien grays to surveillance Earth? (Much like the drones our US military uses.)

I thought of this theory because the information that was given by the doctor to the researcher about the Roswell alien bodies was so bizarre. The bodies were pretty much identical and lacked organs that are vital to a functioning humanoid. Almost as if they weren't created naturally by nature, but instead created synthetically using biological parts. Maybe they were created just for the sole purpose of flying a UFO...

Here are some of the details that I have collected through various resources describing an alien body:

* Being was humanoid
* 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall and weighed 40 pounds
* Head was proportionally larger than a human head.
* Two large, deep set eyes that were wide apart. ( some sources suggested the eyes were almond shaped.)
* Nose was very vague with just a slight protuberance and mouth was only a slit with no teeth that opened to a slight cavity.
(The mouth appeared to not function as a means for communication or food ingestion.)
* There were no earlobes, only apertures on each side of the head.
* No hair on the body, but some sources said there was a slight fuzz.
* The neck, torso, and arms were very thin. The hands reached close to the knee.( Only four fingers and a slight webbing in-between the fingers was noted by observers.)
* Skin color was hard to determine due to the body's state after the crash, but skin color varied from beige, tan, brown to pinkish gray or bluish gray.
* Under a microscope the tissue structure of the skin was mesh-like, suggesting that of a granular skinned lizard like an iguana or chameleon. Skin was scaly, starchy, elastic, or moveable over smooth muscle.
* No apparent reproductive system and no genitalia.
* Colorless fluid prevalent throughout the body, but no red blood cells, no lymphocytes which means not a carrier of oxygen.
* No food or water intake was apparent. No digestive system or GI tract and no intestinal or alimentary canal or rectal area described.
* Some sources said the being reminded them of a Jerusalem Cricket.
* The bodies recovered from the crash were wearing clothing described as something similar to that of a test pilot's flight suit, but made from a very thin metallic material.

I haven't come across any information regarding if the body had any type of functioning brain or heart.
I also have never heard anything about if the aliens were wearing any shoes. I believe that is an important detail. There are a limited amount of reports on what the aliens looked like and it seems none of them mentioned shoes, so maybe the aliens were not wearing any. I pulled all this information from various sources and put them into my own words so that I wouldn't get in trouble for reproducing documents that did not give me permission to do so. While I can't assure the reader that this information is 100% true, I can assure that the sources are just as serious about knowing the truth as I am.


  1. The information you have researched does give cause to speculate that alien beings are types of evolutionary animals(like lizards)with some type of electrical operating body system. The fact that they find their way to Earth is AMAZING!

    1. Having an electrical operating system is also a very interesting theory Gena. That would explain why they are able to control UFOs to make those astonishing maneuvers.