Friday, February 1, 2013

UFO Watchtower in Hooper Colorado Offers A Place To Spot ET UFOs

What started out as just something for fun, hoping to attract tourist off the highway, the UFO watchtower became much more than that. It actually lived up to it's name.

After moving to San Luis Valley in Colorado to raise cows, rancher Judy Mesoline, began hearing many UFO stories from the locals. This is what inspired her idea for a UFO watchtower!
Judy had never experience any UFO phenomena up until that point, but this soon changed. After having to sell her cows due to struggling in the ranching business, a fellow farmer encouraged Judy to actually bring her watchtower idea to life.

The spacey looking dome surrounded by friendly alien decorations rests in Hooper Colorado. Inside, you will find a shop/museum and on top, a tower where up to sixty people can participate in UFO gazing. There has been over 67 sightings at the watchtower alone and Judy has now seen many UFOs herself, since the tower opened in 2000. When referring to if she believes in extraterrestrial UFOs she stated, "And do I believe now? You betcha."

Vice Media has created a well produced, short documentary titled, Valley Of The Ufos, about the UFO watchtower. It starts off with Judy Mesoline's story and than cuts to a guy and his giant pet crocodile! But keep watching, the witnesses' descriptions of UFOs are very similar to what I have seen! Especially when Judy compares one of her sightings to a falling star. Please watch the video below and keep an eye on the sky.

Link to the UFO watch tower website:

(Source: Produced by Erin Lee Carr and edited by Chris O'Coin.)

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