Friday, February 22, 2013

Riddle of the Skies: Space Worm!

Riddle of the Skies is a one hour and thirty six minuet documentary available to stream on Hulu's list of free content.
The movie has compiled interviews with pilots, astronauts and scientist all discussing their takes on UFO phenomena.
Some of the stories in this documentary I have heard of before, but there was one story that was new to me...
The Space Worm!! That's right, astronaut of thirty years, Story Musgrave calls it his "eel". Musgrave has been on six missions in space and twice he has seen the worm. He mentions he is not sure how big it was because in space it can be difficult to tell how far away an object is.

Watch the video below to see the wiggly worm! There is actual footage of it and whatever it is, it definitely looks like a biological life form.

If NASA says they are continuing their search for some type of other life in the universe, than why are such clearly interesting subjects like this space worm being over looked? Are ground breaking discoveries in space really being hidden from the public? Or maybe NASA has not yet discovered a non dangerous way to further examine unknown creatures and mysterious happenings in the final frontier.
I can imagine how extremely risky it would be to get close to an unknown specimen in outer space. Who knows if it's harmless or if it's just a gigantic E. coli. Hopefully in the near future NASA can send out more robots to get closer to space worms and objects of extreme interest.

But in conclusion, ::waving:: "Hello! totally legit evidence of life in space, over here!"

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