Monday, June 25, 2012

Methane Lakes on Saturn's Moon Titan

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft spied giant lakes of methane in the tropic areas of Saturn’s moon Titan. 

And here is a quote from Caitlin Griffith, a Cassini team associate at the University of Arizona, Tucson -

“Methane is a progenitor of Titan’s organic chemistry, which likely produces interesting molecules like amino acids, the building blocks of life.

Cassini’s images collected over the years have also helped scientist to discover that there is heat coming from inside of Saturn! This internal heat is powering the jet streams creating the ever going storms on Saturn’s outer surface. Before this discovery, the jet streams were thought to have been powered by the sun like how is works with Earth’s atmosphere. 

We are still not sure what is exactly inside of Saturn. It was thought to be all gas, but who knows!? Until we discover what lies beneath the thick stormy outer layers of Saturn, we can assume there are alien life forms down there living on methane. There are so many ways that a planet or moon can get what it needs to sustain different types of life. 

Keep is up Cassini, you’re doing good! 

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