Monday, July 2, 2012

Beaming Tweets in to Sapce?

I’m not sure how the whole radio transmission and sending signals in to space hoping an extraterrestrial race will receive them and vice versa can work, but at least we’re trying. The Wow! signal was a strange radio transmission detected in 1977 by American astronomer Jerry R. Ehman. He was so amazed at it’s interstellar frequency that he wrote down the word Wow! next to it, thus the signal being named, The Wow! single. Read here for a deeper explanation on why this particular signal was so amazing. Apparently it was a huge frequency close to the megahertz that hydrogen puts out which means it was not coming from some dinky little radio. Although the signal had never been confirmed as extraterrestrial or terrestrial, Ehman didn’t jump to conclusions noting every possibility including the signal could of been redirecting from military Earth sources. Or it could of been coming from strong radio-like frequencies emitting from an alien craft traveling through the constellation Sagittarius. That’s an idea I had :) Whatever it was, nothing has matched it’s frequency since…  

On a side note: The television show Chasing UFOs has teamed up with Twitter to tweet to aliens. Facepalm! Follow the link above. 

Beaming Tweets in to Sapce?

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