Thursday, March 4, 2021

Free Energy - Pseudoscience Or The Science Behind UFOs

I have so many books to read and so little time! While doing some Spring cleaning, I was distracted by a book that was sitting on a metal utility cart in my room filled with things I needed to sort. My sorting stalled for a moment as I opened, Dark Star by Henry Stevens. My Dad had let me borrow it and he had bookmarked a few of the pages. The book is about German hidden bases and Hitler's quest to re-create flying saucers during WWII.

I had read some years back about the Vril Society and all the strangeness surrounding it, which I still to this day am not sure if it was entirely all true. It is factual that the Germans during WWII were experimenting with creating aircraft resembling flying saucers and they were even trying to create weapons that controlled the weather, but I'm not so entirely sure that the Vril Society really existed, or at least not in the way the rumors have told. After learning more about the Vril Society, I came to the conclusion that it sounded very similar to the American "Illuminati" conspiracy theory; where members of the American Government, and their billionaire allies, are part of a secret society cult that worship Lucifer, conduct human trafficking and participate in satanic rituals to gain all the power and money in the world. This is very much how the Vril Society has always been described and that rumor of this woman named, Maria Orsic, who supposedly had been a psychic in contact with aliens that could tell Hitler how to build a UFO?? I was always highly skeptical of this because there seems to be only ONE picture of Maria Orsic that exists online and she looks so perfect like a drop-dead, gorgeous, face-tuned, movie star! I personally think the picture of her is fake, possibly a painted-over photograph or maybe even a painting in general. Don't you think if she was a real person there would be way more pictures of her and maybe even some pictures of her with Hitler? Yeah, so I just feel very skeptical about all that, however, Hitler really was trying to make flying saucers. 

So, back to the book, Dark Star. This book is more about what the Germans really were doing back then and less about the rumors. The bookmarked page I turned to happen to have a quote from Nikola Tesla cited from another book titled, The Tesla Papers Nikola Tesla n Free Energy & Wireless Transmission of Power edited by David Hatcher Childress. Tesla states:   

" I gained this conviction through the discovery of a singular electrical phenomenon, which I described early in 1892, in lectures delivered before some scientific societies abroad, and which I have called a "rotating brush". This is a bundle of light which is formed, under certain conditions, in a vacuum - bulb, and which is of a sensitiveness to magnetic and electric influences boarding, so to speak, on the supernatural. This light bundle is rapidly rotated by the earth's magnetism as many as twenty thousand times per second, the rotation in these parts being opposite to what it would be in the southern hemisphere, while in the region of the magnetic equator it should not rotate at all. In its most sensitive state, which is difficult to attain, it is responsive to electric or magnetic influences to an incredible degree." 

The author of Dark Star was reminded of this quote when stating that German scientist Karl Schappeller seemed to have used the "rotating brush" recipe to create his Schappeller's Device and it was a theory this technology was being developed for the German flying saucers. I'm not totally clear on how Schappeller's Device worked exactly and no one else seems to be too clear on it either because apparently his blueprints for the device have somehow been lost (?) but, I think, Schappeller's Device was a contraption that was able to generate "free-energy" meaning it didn't need to plug in or charge. It could just be up and running no matter where it was because it could grab the free-energy around it from the Earth which in theory was referred to as "aether" which currently is considered pseudoscience. Apparently, when the device started up using a special battery (I did some quick research and couldn't find what kind of "special battery" that was...) a "glowing magnetism" appeared.  Sounds very similar to Tesla's "rotating brush". Schappllers's Device seemed like a pretty good invention that should have been rolled out as a free-energy unit so that no one today would have to be on the gird, but what happened to it? Oddly, I could only find the same thin history about it, and every article I visited tended to be another UFO website or blog that discussed the occult. Most articles didn't even mention what happened to it, they just said it existed and others just said whatever happened to it was unknown... So, that makes me skeptical that possibly Schappller's Device didn't really do what we've heard it could do or did it even really exist?  

Tesla's rotating brush, on the other hand, had documentation that it definitely existed and it did some cool stuff.  Although, at the time, Tesla really didn't know what his discovery would have been used for. It was sort of just this glowing magnetic energy inside of a bulb that was highly responsive to things around it. For example, in an article on the website, Free Energy Planet, Telsa describes the glowing magnetism inside to actually move to the opposite side of the bulb when the observer would come closer to it! It also could be manipulated using a small, inch big, magnet from as far as 6 feet away! The rotation of the energy could be accelerated or slowed down depending on the position in which the magnet was being held in relation. This sounds so much like the characteristics of a UFO with the glowing light and the quick magnetic-like movements. I really think Tesla was on to something and we should look into this kind of magnetic propulsion further. Heck, if Wint-O-Green Life Savers can spark in the dark when you bite down on them (they actually do I have tested it out!) then anything is possible! 


  1. Very interesting line of research here. I enjoy your level-headed approach to attempt in sorting fact from fiction.

    With all this talk about dark energy these days I think it is safe to say that when it comes to harvesting the power of the universe we lowly humans are working on the lowest hanging fruit on the energy tree.

    I don't doubt there are advanced beings that can access some of the higher branches of available sources of energy than mere Earthling scientists can even begin to comprehend.

    What feels like a simple lack of knowledge may actually turn out to be a lack of ability to effectively manipulate the laws of a higher dimensionality. Just because we can't understand a process does not mean the process is not real.

    Take for instance the metamorphosis of the butterfly... that kind of stuff is not the product of some evolutionary process; that sort of mechanism rates as a gift (in my estimation.) If a worm gets to enjoy that sort of gift, what - in Heaven's Name - are we setting on?

  2. I totally agree! And the butterfly analogy is a great example. I'm sure true artists, naturalists, engineers, scientists, architects, builders etc. would no doubt agree that the world around us is particularly designed. Also, just person with a sense of observation would notice this as well. That is why I always felt it's so important for science to never say that something doesn't exist because then that will be shutting the door to all the possibilities that something actually could exist if it does! I guess in this universe the motto is, "never say never" haha!