Monday, July 8, 2013

Google Doodle Pays Homage To Roswell Anniversary

Google is known for decorating their front page with original doodles often to celebrate holidays, the changing of the seasons or sometimes historic events. Today they are paying homage to the Roswell incident which was reported by the Roswell Daily Record back in 1947, on this day, 66 years ago.

If you are interested in this particular topic, I recommend reading Witness To Roswell. This book has many details. It's a great collection of testimonies coming from people who worked for the government during that time and how they were suddenly briefed to cover it up!

I played the Google doodle game and I quite enjoyed it. It is a short, hidden object, puzzle game in which you are a Roswell alien who's UFO crashes near a farm on Earth. You must search for the pieces of your UFO to rebuild it so that you can hightail it out of there and get back in to space. I am not the best at hidden object games because I never know where to look, but this game was fairly easy. With your mouse, hover over everything you see and when your mouse arrow becomes a pointing finger it means to "click" because there is something there to benefit your character.

::Spoiler Alert:: [If you have not played the game yet, this next paragraph contains a spoiler]

The art in the game is very cute as all Google doodles always are. I also like how the color palette is very mono chrome like an old movie or newspaper from the 1940s. The ending of the game is very funny too. You, as the alien, discover that the last piece to your ship is tightly clenched under the arm of a human farmer who is fast asleep. Haha! That sounds about right...

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