Sunday, June 23, 2013

Night Of The Super Moon: Red UFOs Spotted In Pasadena, CA

On the night of the Super Moon, my brother and I spotted five red UFOs around 10:15 PM. I grabbed my iPhone to film them. Watch the objects in the video above.

I am calling these objects UFOs because I can not clearly identify what they could be. I have some ideas. Being of extraterrestrial origin is not my first. My first thought was some type of flare or lantern. Also they were floating over near the Pasadena Rose Bowl where there is a grand firework display every fourth of July. Maybe they had some relation to the testing of fireworks for that event. If you have a good idea of what these glowing red objects could be, please leave a description in the comments below. I am very curious. The objects seem to be rising from the ground, glowing red and appear to burn out. They didn't do anything out of this world, but were so strange looking. I'm almost thinking someone took some red traffic flares and tied them to some helium balloons. It looked like something of that nature...

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