Monday, January 28, 2013

Cryptozoology Post Monday : The Giant Squid Finally Caught On Video

Discovery Channel's: Monster Squid

For the first time in history , the infamous giant squid has been caught on camera in it's natural habitat thanks to a crew of determined scientist and funding by billionaire Ray Dalio. After a few failed attempts in the years past, the scientist's efforts finally paid off as they waited patiently in Ray Dalio's billionaire submarine about 3,000 ft., 550 miles off the coast of Tokyo, with a diamond squid on a rope as bait. Through the darkness, the giant squid emerged to feast upon the bait for a total of 18 minuets as their camera's rolled.
The giant squid's body was estimated roughly around 10 feet long and including it's tentacles, would make it about 22 feet long. It's body appeared to be red! Just like the old illustrations and sculptures you see in museums. Giant squids haven't changed one bit. They often fall victim to hungry Sperm whales in the Pacific ocean, but the squids live so far down in to the deep, that they are rarely every seen by humans.

I was also kind of amazed by the seven-armed octopus that floated by the camera. I have never seen one before...they look like under water sheet ghosts.

Good thing Discovery Channel and NHK had the cameras rolling and the cameras worked! Japanese scientist Tsunemi Kubodera stated he had been trying to catch the grandiose creature on video for 10 years! after he first caught some photos of it in 2006.

Just imagine, it took years of actively searching by scientist and the help of a billionaire just to capture a good 18 minuets of a creature that WE KNEW FOR SURE existed. No wonder no one can find Bigfoot. Maybe we can get this crew to search for Bigfoot next!

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