Thursday, March 1, 2018

Is The Moon An Alien Base Facility?

The late William Tompkins aka Bill Tompkins had a successful career as an aerospace engineer for the US Navy.  Before he passed away last year, he was a frequent speaker at MUFON symposiums and gave whistleblowing interviews. Some of these interviews can be found on Youtube. In one interview, Tompkins points out the fact that the Moon's month-long rotation syncs with the Earth's one-day rotation keeping one side of the Moon always facing Earth. His explanation for this is because the Moon is not a random piece of rock stuck orbiting around the Earth, but is actually, in fact, a hollow structure that was strategically placed there by extraterrestrials using it as a base facility. Possibly as a base to closely observe Earth. If this is true, it would definitely explain why UFOs have been spotted flying in and out of the Moon. Tompkins also mentioned that this is why NASA only made a small number of trips to the Moon and never further explored the possibility of our own Moonbase on the Moon. Apparently, the E.T.s prohibited it!

Other fascinating stories told by Tompkins are ones about what a WWII Navy operative spy discovered when they infiltrated a secret, underground, Nazi construction laboratory. These Nazi laboratories were filled with hundreds of "wingless" vehicles being constructed using slave labor. The vehicles were also accompanied by 7 different sizes and classes of weapons that reportedly no one had ever seen before due to their laser abilities. The blueprints for these vehicles and weapons were acquired by the Nazi's via Draco Reptilians.  This information possibly connects with the Vril Society in Germany and their ability to channel extraterrestrials who had once lived in what is now Sumeria. There is more to the story, but it sounds like a blockbuster sci-fi film.

I have a book I need to read titled, Dark Star, that talks about the UFOs the Nazi's were trying to reproduce- but did they really try to team up with Reptilians?! These stories sound very skeptical, but remember, Tompkins was only relaying the stories he was told by another source. It could have been a game of Telephone. Maybe the gist of these stories are true, but details are far-fetched.

I kept trying to find more information on Bill Tompkins' personal life. Was their anyone out there who could help him back up his stories? I found this video of Dr. Robert Wood delivering Tompkin's eulogy last summer. Dr. Wood worked with Tompkin's on his book, Selected by Extraterrestrials, and it seems as though Dr. Wood knew him well and spoke as if nothing Tompkins ever said was out of character. It's also noted that Tompkins passed away on August 21, 2017, at the age of 94, the same day of the solar eclipse. Some people think that his passing coinciding with an astrological event was not a coincidence.


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