Thursday, April 27, 2017

UFOs and Magic

From the 1959 children's book, Space Witch

Since the moment I was old enough to select books off the shelf at my local library, I was always drawn to the supernatural subject matter. My favorite books as a child were all the books that had the bright orange moon with the silhouette of a witch sticker on them. This indicated they were Halloween books. I found a picture on Pinterest below-

One of my favorite books of all time is Witches, Pumpkins and Grinning Ghosts: The Story Of Halloween Symbols by Edna Barth. While this book educated the young reader about the history of the holiday, it also gave an intro to the lost science of metaphysics. I remember reading about the ancient mystics and fortune tellers who studied nature and the planets. They observed life and universal law and used their intuition to state prophecies. Barth mentioned the old wives and doulas who used natural herbal remedies from the earth to sooth pain and heal ailments. Over time these people, especially the females who practiced these medicines, morphed in to the witch! An old hag who uses magic to cause people harm. Because villagers did not understand the scientific practices of these ancient mystics and witchdoctors, they feared their powers and called their practices magic. If only these villagers took time to learn what the "witches" and "wizards" knew. Magic was actually just science. As astrologer and mystic, Manly P Hall mentions, Magic means the effects of the stars. It's the star's energy effecting the Earth's atmospheres.

I continue throughout my life to be extremely interested in the metaphysical and what our popular science doesn't know. This area of study is what humans should be studying the most. We should be experimenting with our consciousness if we want to be the supreme beings we believe ourselves to be. If each individual person exercised their intuition, whether through religion or just taking some time to ask themselves, "why do I feel this way?" then we will be on a truly powerful and enlightening path to unlocking all the mysteries of the universe. 

My theory is that extraterrestrial intelligent beings have done this. They are on a higher enlightened level which enables them to understand the laws of the universe. Using this knowledge, they have designed their spacecrafts to properly maneuver through Space in such a way, that it completely obliterates Earthling's common laws of physics. We are only limited to what we believe, so I would like to wish that our scientists start believing in the unimaginable.

Below is a lecture by Manly P Hall. He is explaining magic and the Astral Dimension.

(Sorry the channel that uploaded the lecture has disappeared off of Youtube. I will try to remember to host videos directly on Saucer Time instead of posting from Youtube because this often tends to happen. Feel free to search the title of the lecture on Youtube and maybe there is another upload on a different channel.) 

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