Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Presidential Election and Sam Uptegrove Reports

Wow! I'm over here in the USA and a lot has been going on because of the presidential election. The general media and high profile news outlets are mainly only reporting on anything that has to do with the running candidates.  I've been spending my short window of time to investigate on the election since I will be voting. Neither candidate has said they will fight to no longer keep UFOs a secret from the public. It's what I have been waiting to hear! But I doubt I will hear it. The media has been too busy talking about the candidates' embarrassing personal issues to cover the actual important issues that face our country. I have to read about those issues elsewhere. UFOs did happen to pop up briefly during this election; Wikileaks leaked some emails that were sent to John Podesta by fellow UFO investigative enthusiasts, the late Apollo 14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell and guitarist from the band Blink 182, Tom DeLongue. Both were asking to meet with Podesta to discuss the topic of disclosure on UFOs. It seems as though Podesta never met up with either. 

Just as I thought I would forever drown in fake and twisted media reports on anything and everything, I found a gulp of fresh air reading the paranormal reports of Sam Uptegrove. Uptegrove lives in the southwest Missouri Ozarks and has been investigating paranormal incidents for over four decades. His reports are clear, concise and non-bias. I particularly enjoy reading them because of how unscathed by modern media they are.  Please take some time to read some of Uptegrove's reports and if you have experienced some paranormal activity near by or have questions for Mr. Uptegrove, you can contact him at samuptegrove@gmail.com 

His latest report tells of a UFO seen in northern Labette County in Kansas. It was a dark gray disk with no dome, windows or lights and was moving at maybe 500-600 miles per hour. Uptegrove also continues to investigate some very interesting, possible, Bigfoot activity in Cedar County, Missouri. The link to this report is below. 

[source: http://ccheadliner.com/ ]

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