Sunday, March 6, 2016

Encounters: UFO Experience in Anaheim, CA

The Encounters UFO Experience at the Garden Walk in Anaheim, CA. is a small UFO pop-up museum. The walk through exhibit is filled with ancient alien replicas, alien body displays, a room decorated to simulate the inside of an extraterrestrial spaceship and collectable props from some of America's favorite sci-fi films. A friendly E.T. reproduction greets visitors at the entrance.

I personally loved every aspect of the exhibit. It's clearly apparent that a once paranormal subject matter, believed by some to be fiction, is slowly transitioning in to a bona fide investigation. I also experienced a nostalgic feeling. I was pleasantly taken back to a time when exhibits about sci-fi and the supernatural were explorative and free of mainstream marketing. One of my favorite displays was the authentic audio recordings of UFO sightings.

Encounters UFO Experience is for all ages and tickets are inexpensive. Produced by Intergalactic Brands and open in the Anaheim location for a limited time (till April or May?). To purchase tickets and get schedule information, visit the official website

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