Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Extraterrestrial Breakthroughs: Summer 2015


I have been busy with work and was not able to regularly update here on Saucer Time, but when I get busy, I still find time to update with tweets on the Saucer Time Twitter. There has been lots of exciting extraterrestrial news the past two months. Here is a recap of my favorite headlines so far:

We flew by Pluto! Scientist are still trying to make sense of what we saw on Pluto. Lots of strange plains and mountainous regions. Categorizing terrain on an alien planet is difficult because one can only refer to what is known, yet alien terrain is completely un-known.
Here are pictures from New Horizon's fly by

Ceres' Glowing Crater! Space probe Dawn is currently orbiting the dwarf planet Ceres and has sent back some super interesting photographs. Ceres appears to have a perplexing glowing surface in one of it's craters. But, it just keeps getting more interesting because now scientist say that the glowing surface is harboring some type of lingering haze...Read more about it here
I compared these lights to that of city lights from Earth and the haze maybe could be alien smog?

Biggest-ever Search For Alien Life! Stephen Hawking announced he is launching the biggest-ever search for alien life with the help of entrepreneur Yuri Milner who is funding the project. They will be using some of the biggest telescopes on Earth to search deep into the universe for radio spectrum and laser signals. These telescopes will be able to detect a signal from similarly advanced technology sent from the center of our galaxy. Read more on the project here

"It's time to commit to finding the answer, to search for life beyond Earth. We must know." - Stephen Hawking

I personally know there is intelligent life out there, but it would be great if everyone else did too!

Currently working on this alien from my Pegasus Hobbies model kit

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