Saturday, January 17, 2015

NASA Still Being Accused Of Censoring UFOs on UStream

Update 1/19/15: This object (pictured above) was said to have appeared in the ISS feed on January 6th, but as usual, the footage of the object was cut immediately after it appeared. This screen shot was taken by UFO hunter, Toby Lundh. Lundh is asking if anyone else might have recorded this footage to their computers before it was erased from the ISS UStream. If someone else has happened to screen shot the same object or has the recorded live footage, it will help to diminish those accusations against Lundh of being a hoaxer. The most interesting part is that NASA has not commented on this incident. Is it space junk? A fancy camera glare? A portal to another dimension? A hoax? What do you think?

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The International Space Station streams live video to the public which includes internal and external views of the station and also views of the Earth. UFO researches have been accusing NASA of censoring the live streams when UFOs appear in the frame. Apparently when a UFO appears on screen, the feed goes blank immediately after and returns when the UFO is gone. Above is video of the latest "UFO" sighting on the UStream. The object could be many things, a weather balloon, a piece of ice, an Earth bound object, but NASA decided to go with the usually "Space junk" claim. I personally think the object looks rather organic and marshmallow-y. Space could be filled with strange alien creatures that float around as if they were sea urchins in the ocean. Keep your eyes on the sky and on the ISS UStream!

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