Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Extraterrestrial Brain: Our Lost Knowledge

I have been taking some time to brush up on History. Although it might take me years to learn the history of every continent on the planet, I still think it's so important to know about the past in order to be aware in the present and prepare for the future. While science continues to forge ahead, human's spiritual connections to the universe has fallen behind, but these two elements go hand and hand.

Our whole bodies are designed by nature to work with the universe. Our brains are natural machines working in our body and if we don't keep every part of the machine working, those parts will get rusty and seize to work. This is why keeping a balance between logical and intuitive thinking in our brains can be the key to answering science's lingering questions about the cosmos.

Science is based on logical thinking, but using intuitive thinking and being able to tune into wavelengths not visible to the naked eye, was an important activity to shaman's and priests of ancient times. They were master's of cosmology and listening to their inner conscious. According to deciphered hieroglyphs in Ancient Egypt, keeping a balance in the brain was very important. They stated salvation was measured by truth, but later hieroglyphs show that Pharroh's began buying their salvation with the number of dolls they could afford to make ($$$). That seems more logical to believe in something you can see as apposed to just believing the truth, right? I think that sentence might be a trick question, because it is. We seem to slowly be loosing truth and the intuition that is naturally within our brains to help us understand the way we, and the universe, truly work.

Ancient Dogon's believed you could change matter into particles with perception. This ancient teaching is actually being scientifically studied by theoretical physicist today. By looking at the consciousness state as another state of matter, it then has many different forms that might arise from the physical laws in the universe. Neurologist, Giulio Tononi, proposed that in the brain, consciousness must have two parts. One part to store and process large amounts of information and a second part that keeps the information together as a whole and does not divide it into independent parts. These two parts can be mathematically specified by theoretical physicists.

When I heard about this changing of perception in physics and the balance of dual parts working together, the teachings of the ancient Dogon's suddenly did not sound so ancient. This is the way our minds were designed to work. Ancient alien theorist would suggest that this knowledge was given to
ancient cultures by extraterrestrials that made contact with Earth's inhabitants ages ago, but those theories have yet to produce solid evidence. I think it could very well be possible, but I also believe humans are capable of discovering these mysteries on our own. However, I will leave you with this description of the Dogon's spiritual guides, the Nummo, that sound strikingly familiar to a reptilian-like extraterrestrial...
 " the Nummo, whom he (OgotemmĂȘli) also referred to as the Serpent, were amphibians that were often compared to serpents, lizards, chameleons, and occasionally even sloths (because of their being slow moving and having a shapeless neck). They were also described as fish capable of walking on land; while they were on land, the Nummo stood upright on their tails. The Nummos’ skin was primarily green, but, like the chameleon, it sometimes changed colours. It was said to at times have all the colours of the rainbow."   
source: [Shannon Dorey, The Master of Speech, Elemental Expressions Ltd., Elora, Canada, 2002, reprint 2013. p.13]

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