Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Tall Whites and Synthetic Life Forms Confirmed?

During the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure in April and May of this year (2013) Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer, tells of the information he discovered about extraterrestrials and the U.S. government. He mentions being informed that there are four, known, different kinds of alien species and that there are two aliens alive and well, on Earth at this moment, working with the U.S. government! Reports refer to the alien allies as "The Tall Whites". Watch the video clip above to hear Hellyer testify.

You will also notice that he keeps recalling Linda howe's testimony. So let us learn a little about Linda Moulton Howe. She is a Standford graduate who has made her career in investigative journalism. She is also an author and producer/writer/director of documentaries on topics in the science, medical and environmental fields. Howe currently reports monthly from her website
As a ufologist, her  investigations concerning UFOs and extraterrestrials have lead her to ground breaking discoveries.
I was excited to hear what Howe had to say in her short interview below. She talks about how the aliens that were autopsied at Wright-Patterson air force base had an outside layer of skin that was not skin, but fabric! Her investigations have concluded that the four foot tall aliens visiting in UFOs might in fact be synthetic life forms created by another intelligent being. This is exactly like the hypothesis I came up with after putting two and two together with reports I read from the autopsies of the Roswell aliens and Travis Walton's abduction. I mention this in my posting Most Detailed Description of An Alien Gray.

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