Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ancient Aliens and The Pyramids

The ancient Egyptian culture is so mysterious. Thousands of years later, their mysteries continue to live on.

How exactly did they create the gigantic pyramids that stand towering over modern buildings in Cairo today?

Look at them! They are HUGE!

Here is an excerpt from sacredsites.com just to get an idea of how massive they are:

"The Great Pyramid was originally 481 feet, five inches tall (146.7 meters) and measured 755 feet (230 meters) along its sides. Covering an area of 13 acres, or 53,000 square meters, it is large enough to contain the European cathedrals of Florence, Milan, St. Peters, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's. Constructed from approximately 2.5 million limestone blocks weighing on average 2.6 tons each, its total mass is more than 6.3 million tons (representing more building material than is to be found in all the churches and cathedrals built in England since the time of Christ). "

No signs of machinery or high tech tools have been unearthed during archeology digs to suggest technological aid in the construction of the pyramids and no signs of "alien" technology either. It might look as though the ancient Egyptians were just really dedicated hard workers.
Science Daily posted an article in 2008 about how the pyramids were built. Professor of Classics and ancient Mediterranean studies at Penn State, Donald Redford, explained that the process for cutting the pyramid blocks is still being studied, but further studies have discovered that the building process was good ol' down to Earth labor. Copper chisels, dolerite pounders, boats, wooden pegs, ropes, ramps and oil to slide the blocks in to place, and 20,000 to 30,000 people were all used in the making of the massive structures. Redford knows this was possible because during a dig near pyramids, he and 20 of his workers pulled a two-and-a-half ton granite block from the ground without alien magic.

So, it looks as though the question of how the Pyramids were built has been answered, but there are still more questions...

How did the Egyptians move sarcophagi and treasures in to the dark, dense, narrow walk-ways and rooms of the pyramids? Torches would burn-out due to lack of oxygen.

And why does this wall decoration inside the Dendera Temple complex look exactly like a Cathode ray?

And lastly, where did the ancient Egyptians' belief in their solar religion originate from? The pyramid's shape was said to possibly symbolize the sun's rays. Or maybe it was to symbolize something more on the lines of this...

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