Monday, January 7, 2013

Cryptozoology Post Monday : Studying Bigfoot Footage

Cryptozoology Post! Thanks to @AliensAndUFOs for sharing this link. This video is pretty long, but the commentator provides the viewer with lots of Bigfoot information and about 20 different instances Bigfoot was caught on video! I still can’t tell if any of the footage is authentic or hoaxed do to the quality of each recording, but all instances were from completely different sources and yet all the Bigfoots looked and moved almost completely the same. If Bigfoots are being seen more frequently through out the world, HOPEfully, SOMEone, with an HD camera will get some clear footage of one soon. It’s bound to happen.

By the way, have you seen Ambam? He’s a Gorilla in a British animal park that tends to walk upright very often. I have never seen a Bigfoot before, but I imagine one looking similar to Ambam. Watch the videos below-

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