Monday, December 17, 2012

Gary McKinnon Will Not Face Charges in UK

Gary McKinnon is a Scottish systems administrator diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and popularly known for hacking in to military computer systems in search of free energy suppression and UFO cover ups. 

Recently, UK news reports he will not face charges and his extradition to the US was blocked. He had been battling prosecution for 10 years! It’s an interesting case for sure involving his mental condition, intrusion of government computer systems and… really valuable information to the public!!!

If what Gary discovered while hacking is true, it’s truly magnificent! but than again, there is no way to tell unless we were all there when the proof showed up on Gary’s screen. While in the midst of hacking, he claimed to have veiwed a raw photograph of a cigar shaped UFO hovering over the Earth’s atmosphere, when he clicked on the un processed NASA photographs folder. 

Ah! I wish I could look at those un processed photographs if they do indeed exists, but for the time being, I will just have to imagine as I watch this interview with Gary describe his findings, courtesy of the BBC.

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