Tuesday, November 6, 2012

George Washington Was A Master Freemason

This picture showed up in my facebook feed today. I knew George Washington was a master Freemason, but I wanted to read a little more about the Freemasons. Here’s some information that really stood out to me. Please read: 

The Supreme Being and the Volume of Sacred Law

“Candidates for regular Freemasonry are required to declare a belief in a Supreme Being.[33] However, the candidate is not asked to expand on, or explain, his interpretation of Supreme Being. The discussion of politics and religion is forbidden within a Masonic Lodge, in part so a Mason will not be placed in the situation of having to justify his personal interpretation.[34] Thus, reference to the Supreme Being can mean the Christian Trinity to a Christian Mason,Allah to a Muslim Mason, Para Brahman to a Hindu Mason, etc. While most Freemasons would take the view that the term Supreme Being equates to God, others may hold a more complex or philosophical interpretation of the term.

In the ritual, the Supreme Being is referred to as the Great Architect of the Universe

- taken from Wikipedia

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