Thursday, September 20, 2012

Video of UFOs Captured By NASA Spacecrafts!

Video of UFOs captured by NASA spacecrafts! How can there not be more talk about this! They are really out there!

I have created an Aliens and UFO play list on my YouTube. These two videos that I recently added to the play list present fascinating footage! Clearly you can see unexplained flying objects emitting bursts of light. There is no question that they are flying objects and definitely not specks of space sand being lit by the sun as some explanations tried to give. The objects act nothing like any natural space objects that we know of. They move almost like sea creatures… Keep in mind this footage was recorded by NASA and since they seem to have no explanation for the unidentified flying objects, they just keep the camera rollin’ and I’m so glad they did!  Video number two of NASA UFO footage

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