Thursday, April 16, 2015

Astronauts Take HD Footage With GoPro 2015

U.S. Astronaut Terry Virts used a GoPro camera to film above the Earth from the International Space Station. Virts and fellow astronaut, Barry "Butch" Wilmore were taking a spacewalk to prepare the ISS for the arrival of two International Docking Adapters later this year and also, the arrival of the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM).  This HD footage is absolutely breathtaking! It's like being right up there with them. I hope they film more. If we are lucky, an extraterrestrial might stop by or fly by the camera!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Norway: Hessdalen phenomenon UFO

An article was posted on almost a year ago about the 24hr UFO observatory in Norway. I am excited to know that an official 24hr UFO observatory exists and real data is being collected by university scientists.

The Hessdalen Interactive Observatory, located in Norway, began in 1983 to study the unexplained light phenomena that was occurring in the area. When the observatory first began, 20 mysterious, flying, lights were being spotted per week. Over the years the sightings have decreased to only 20 lights per year. At the observatory, scientists from the University of Ostfold, Hessdalen, Norway, have captured and documented these light anomalies. It's the only official 24 hour UFO observatory in the world. Radar and cameras have tracked and filmed numerous unexplainable events. The fastest flying light was recorded at 30,000 km per hour.

In September 2007, a major survey was carried out by university scientists and students with a number of observation instruments. After observing the area over four nights, an unexplained light performed a series of decorative movements up close. It became known as the “Hessdalen phenomenon.” Examples of this event are shown in the video below.

This footage is from a documentary called, The Day Before Disclosure, by Norwegian Film maker Terje Toftenes. Watch the full documentary here .


Monday, January 19, 2015

Project Blue Book Files Available Now On The Black Vault

33 year old Television producer and UFO enthusiast, John Greenewald, has been filing Freedom of Information Act requests for information on UFOs and other topics since he was a teenager. He now has a database of over 650,000 pages of declassified material all available to the public through his website The Black Vault. Recently the Project Blue Book files were added to the database all in PDF form. The files can be searched by year or keyword.
My first choice of keywords was "extraterrestrial being" in which 15 files included the words. I briefly read through a few cases. Maybe there could be a few exceptions, but most Project Blue Book cases are incidences which were investigated and proved to be either common assurances, hoaxes, or cases that were genuine UFO sightings and left unexplained. There really isn't anything in the files too ground breaking or exciting. We must be reminded that this project was started by the U.S. Government after the Roswell incident so, we won't be finding any of the juicy Roswell information or alien pictures we have been longing for all these years. Still, the genuine filed UFO sightings are always an enlightening read. Have a look for yourself at Project Blue Book Collection.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

NASA Still Being Accused Of Censoring UFOs on UStream

Update 1/19/15: This object (pictured above) was said to have appeared in the ISS feed on January 6th, but as usual, the footage of the object was cut immediately after it appeared. This screen shot was taken by UFO hunter, Toby Lundh. Lundh is asking if anyone else might have recorded this footage to their computers before it was erased from the ISS UStream. If someone else has happened to screen shot the same object or has the recorded live footage, it will help to diminish those accusations against Lundh of being a hoaxer. The most interesting part is that NASA has not commented on this incident. Is it space junk? A fancy camera glare? A portal to another dimension? A hoax? What do you think?

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The International Space Station streams live video to the public which includes internal and external views of the station and also views of the Earth. UFO researches have been accusing NASA of censoring the live streams when UFOs appear in the frame. Apparently when a UFO appears on screen, the feed goes blank immediately after and returns when the UFO is gone. Above is video of the latest "UFO" sighting on the UStream. The object could be many things, a weather balloon, a piece of ice, an Earth bound object, but NASA decided to go with the usually "Space junk" claim. I personally think the object looks rather organic and marshmallow-y. Space could be filled with strange alien creatures that float around as if they were sea urchins in the ocean. Keep your eyes on the sky and on the ISS UStream!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Travis Walton UFO Anniversary Site Visit

On the night of November 5, 1975, near Heber Arizona, Travis Walton and a his team of loggers were driving home from work through the woods when suddenly, they witnessed a saucer-shaped extraterrestrial aircraft hovering over the trees. Travis, being the most daring of the group, hopped out of the logger's work truck to get a closer look at the outstanding object. The UFO then shot out a beam of light that knocked Travis to the ground unconscious. When he awoke, he was inside the UFO surrounded by 4 to 5 foot tall, big, bald headed, wide eyed beings. Travis's encounter is told in detail in his book Fire In The Sky.
So far, Travis is the only citizen in U.S. history to have substantial evidence of being aboard an alien spacecraft. Even the police were involved and they never found any evidence of a hoax or a lie.

It has been almost forty years since that unforgettable night and Travis recently returned back to the site where it all happened. Open Minds was there to capture the Skyfire Summit.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Update: Boyd Bushman Alien Photograph Looks Like Alien Doll

I came across these alien doll photographs on the internet. It looks just like the alien in Boyd's photograph. I really believe Boyd worked on anti gravity projects, but I was not sure of the alien photographs he revealed in his video. They didn't look real, but then I don't know what a real alien looks like. It was also never specified if the alien in Boyd's pictures was alive or dead. He mentioned that the alien pictures were given to him after he was no longer working at Area 51. Someone might of thought Boyd was being a little too nosey and to shut him up, they gave him these pictures of a fake alien. Or someone, sadly, was playing a practical joke on him. It is quite a let down. UFO enthusiasts so badly want to see a real alien!