Friday, March 14, 2014

Saucer Time Channel


I have been working on a Saucer Time show for Youtube! I will post a link to the channel when it is ready. Hopefully the first episode will be ready in about two weeks. I am thinking of showcasing UFO news flashes, book reviews, historic UFO story coverage (for those who still have yet to discover these stories) and maybe even the occasional Crypto news. Please, feel free to mention in the comments of this post, any other content you would be interested in watching on Saucer Time. Thanks for stopping by to read and watch!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Picture of Earth and It's Moon from Mars Rover Curiosity

Curiosity, the Mars rover, took this awesome picture of Earth and it's moon as seen from the planet Mars. It is a settling picture to know that our planet is just like any other in the universe.

mage Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/TAMU

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finding Life in the Universe in Bits and Pieces

NASA  has found a new way to search for signs of extraterrestrial life and the origins of life in every piece of space dust they can get their nanoelectrospray emitter on.  They have discovered in some meteorites, fragments of amino acids which make up life giving proteins and components used to make DNA along with other important molecules that make up biological entities! However, the amount of these molecules in the rare meteorites have been barely anything to kickstart a living biological being as we know it.

Research scientists, at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, have been studying the effects small extraterrestrial dust particles may have had on the beginning stages of Earth. Even though the dust particles are smaller than the meteorites, they actually could have provided larger quantities of the life producing molecules than the larger meteorites themselves and at a steadier pace.

At Goddard's Astrobiology Analytical Laboratory they have developed advanced technology to study these extremely small samples from space. Below is a picture of the nanoelectrospray emitter which gives molecule samples an electric charge and transfers them to the inlet of the mass spectrometer, which then identifies the molecules by their mass O____0

image credit: Michael Callahan
With this technology, future meteorite samples can be analyzed including samples from Mars and icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

So to put this all into perspective; I don't want to jump to conclusions or anything but, it seems as though the universe has pieces of life-clay floating around and anyone can just grab enough of it and start sculpting things with it like dinosaurs, humans, animals, alien grays, who knows whats out there!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Extraterrestrial Brain: Our Lost Knowledge

I have been taking some time to brush up on History. Although it might take me years to learn the history of every continent on the planet, I still think it's so important to know about the past in order to be aware in the present and prepare for the future. While science continues to forge ahead, human's spiritual connections to the universe have fallen behind, but these two elements go hand and hand.

Our whole bodies are designed by nature to work with the universe. Our brains are natural machines working in our body and if we don't keep every part of the machine working, those parts will get rusty and seize to work. This is why keeping a balance between logical and intuitive thinking in our brains can be the key to answering science's lingering questions about the cosmos.

Science is based on logical thinking, but using intuitive thinking and being able to tune in to wavelengths not visible to the naked eye, was an important activity to shaman's and priests of ancient times. They were master's of cosmology and listening to their inner conscious. According to deciphered hieroglyphs in Ancient Egypt, keeping a balance in the brain was very important. They stated salvation was measured by truth, but later hieroglyphs show that Pharroh's began buying their salvation with the number of dolls they could afford to make ($$$). That seems more logical to believe in something you can see as apposed to just believing the truth, right? I think that sentence might be a trick question, because it is. We seem to slowly be loosing truth and the intuition that is naturally within our brains to help us understand the way we, and the universe, truly work.

Ancient Dogon's believed you could change matter into particles with perception. This ancient teaching is actually being scientifically studied by theoretical physicist today. By looking at the consciousness state as another state of matter, it then has many different forms that might arise from the physical laws in the universe. Neurologist, Giulio Tononi, proposed that in the brain, consciousness must have two parts. One part to store and process large amounts of information and a second part that keeps the information together as a whole and does not divide it into independent parts. These two parts can be mathematically specified by theoretical physicists.

When I heard about this changing of perception in physics and the balance of dual parts working together, the teachings of the ancient Dogon's suddenly did not sound so ancient. This is the way our minds were designed to work. Ancient alien theorist would suggest that this knowledge was given to
ancient cultures by extraterrestrials that made contact with Earth's inhabitants ages ago, but those theories have yet to produce solid evidence. I think it could very well be possible, but I also believe humans are capable of discovering these mysteries on our own. However, I will leave you with this description of the Dogon's spiritual guides, the Nummo, that sound strikingly familiar to a reptilian-like extraterrestrial...
 " the Nummo, whom he (Ogotemmêli) also referred to as the Serpent, were amphibians that were often compared to serpents, lizards, chameleons, and occasionally even sloths (because of their being slow moving and having a shapeless neck). They were also described as fish capable of walking on land; while they were on land, the Nummo stood upright on their tails. The Nummos’ skin was primarily green, but, like the chameleon, it sometimes changed colours. It was said to at times have all the colours of the rainbow."   
source: [Shannon Dorey, The Master of Speech, Elemental Expressions Ltd., Elora, Canada, 2002, reprint 2013. p.13]

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Where did Humans Come from Again? + Bigfoots and UFOs

As human beings, we have been searching for our origins and the meaning of life since the moment of our existence on Earth. Still, nearly 200,000 years later and more scientifically developed than ever, the meaning of life and how we came to live on this planet is still one of science's biggest mysteries. How did mammals take such a large leap in the theory of evolution from the brain of a great ape animal, to that of a human being? And, in 200,000 more or less years, will creatures superior to humans evolve?

Maybe they already have...on another planet.

These more evolved creatures would be highly capable of developing superior technology and performing experiments on humans just as we have developed in technology and perform experiments on animals and each other. This is just one of my own theories based on the pattern and history of intelligent life forms.

I want to share with you a few other theories to entertain. Not all mine, but these theories are shared amongst the open minded. One of them being that humans are the missing link between extraterrestrials and great apes. Picture this: Around nine million years ago, aliens came to Earth to perform scientific DNA modification experiments with mammals using ape DNA in particular. They mixed their alien DNA with great ape DNA and created the gigantopithecus. But, the gigantopithecus was soon left to extinction after the alien's human race was perfected. Few gigantopithecus might have survived their extinction and live quietly today in mountainous regions. Sightings of a surviving gigantopithecus have lead to the creature's nickname, Bigfoot, due to its 8 foot tall frame.

Now, if that theory sounds interesting to you; start the video below at [0:30:00] and listen to reporter Linda Mouton Howe talk about her knowledge of government documents signifying alien manipulation of DNA to create homo sapiens and the knowledge of Bigfoots living underground. Also, the confession from a Bigfoot eyewitness who claims to have basically watched a Bigfoot step out of a UFO!

I also found this article about two Chilean men who saw a Bigfoot-like creature step aboard a UFO and zoom away. It's Fascinating!

Another interesting theory is that humans actually developed on another planet, brought here or migrated here and lost touch with their history. A new book was recently published by author Dr. Ellis Silver simply titled, Humans Are Not From Earth. In the book, Silver's theory points out many human traits that could indicate we don't naturally belong on Earth. Traits consisting of back pain, sun burn, a disliking of various natural foods, sensitivity to climate temperatures and our unfortunate ability to inherit or contract diseases. Maybe on the planet we were originally from, we would all feel a lot healthier? Well, that's what American ecologist Dr. Ellis Silver believes. but when I googled Dr. Ellis Silver, I found nothing but info on his book. This article refers to Silver as a "he" and that is basically all I know. Really, for all I know "he" could be an alien... If anyone finds any more information on Dr. Silver, please share.

Friday, November 1, 2013

James W. Moseley Falsely Blamed For UFO Crash Secrets Alien Hoax

More information has been uncovered on the James W. Moseley alien hoax. Thanks to the contributers for sharing their information. Peter from Monster Masks discovered that Mystery Alien 1 was apparently also a mask produced by R. Quinn studios and was sold under the name "UFO Pilot".
So far that is the only picture on-line I have come across of that particular mask.

Further important information was pointed out by Curt Collins who runs the blog Blue Blurry Lines. It turns out that Moseley had nothing to do with the alien mask hoax! The book was originally released around 1970 as The Wright Field Story and included no pictures of fake aliens.  Later, Timothy Green Beckley obtained the rights to the book and after adding a bit of his own material to it, which included the fake alien masks, then re-published the book as UFO Crash Secrets at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Beckley did not list himself as one of the authors.

I also read in this article, that was forward to me by Collins, that Gary Barker ghost-wrote "The Wright Field Story" for Saucer Smear. So, that makes Moseley even further removed from the stories that might of been told in later book. I think this is a perfect example of how confusing a UFO story can get, but with enough people sharing information, the truth can be uncovered.

Original print in 1970

Timothy Green Beckley's re-published version in 1991

Curt Collins worked has a contributing editor on Saucer Smear's last few publications. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Scientifically Studying UFOs: The Paranormal can be Scientifically Explained

Many skeptics ask for scientific evidence of extraterrestrials and extraterrestrial space crafts. I wonder if they are not aware that they can easily find this evidence for themselves. I realized this when I began my own research on the subject matter. I researched the topic and based on what I discovered, I then formed my hypothesis. I never ruled anything out until there was strong evidence to do so. I used both sides of my brain, the right and the left. You have to have an imagination to discover different ways of doing something or thinking about something or even studying something. This helped me to come to my conclusion: yes, there is a scientific explanation for every paranormal event and sometimes the explanation is a no-brainer. I didn't need to see an alien skeleton to know that there are aliens, all I needed to see was one of their space crafts in action. That was enough evidence for me to began heavily researching on this extraordinary topic.

If I had more scientific evidence to say extraterrestrial UFOs are definitely not a possibility, I would let you know, but I have found massive amounts of scientific evidence that says otherwise. I read books on quantum physics. Even though I had to read them four times over, I was finally able to loosely grasp the concept of the fascinating fact that there are multiple dimensions in space. Just that idea alone opens endless possibilities for paranormal events. We might not be able to figure out the "why" just yet, but at least we have the "know." We know something happens and in time we will figured out why.

I can't encourage independent research more. You will find so much information that is hidden from you, you will want to research everything on your own, not just UFOs. And you should!

There is a man who has put forward a great example of how to "scientifically" go about researching UFOs. His name is Stanton Friedman and he is a Nuclear Physicist. He's been studying UFOs for well over 50 years. Even though he has multiple Degrees in physics and I have one in illustration, through independent research, we still both have come to the same conclusion; "Some, so called, UFOs, are intelligently controlled extraterrestrial space craft."

Watch the video below to learn more about Stanton Friedman and what he has discovered in his years of being a scientific ufologist.