Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Extraterrestrial Breakthroughs: Summer 2015


I have been busy with work and was not able to regularly update here on Saucer Time, but when I get busy, I still find time to update with tweets on the Saucer Time Twitter. There has been lots of exciting extraterrestrial news the past two months. Here is a recap of my favorite headlines so far:

We flew by Pluto! Scientist are still trying to make sense of what we saw on Pluto. Lots of strange plains and mountainous regions. Categorizing terrain on an alien planet is difficult because one can only refer to what is known, yet alien terrain is completely un-known.
Here are pictures from New Horizon's fly by

Ceres' Glowing Crater! Space probe Dawn is currently orbiting the dwarf planet Ceres and has sent back some super interesting photographs. Ceres appears to have a perplexing glowing surface in one of it's craters. But, it just keeps getting more interesting because now scientist say that the glowing surface is harboring some type of lingering haze...Read more about it here
I compared these lights to that of city lights from Earth and the haze maybe could be alien smog?

Biggest-ever Search For Alien Life! Stephen Hawking announced he is launching the biggest-ever search for alien life with the help of entrepreneur Yuri Milner who is funding the project. They will be using some of the biggest telescopes on Earth to search deep into the universe for radio spectrum and laser signals. These telescopes will be able to detect a signal from similarly advanced technology sent from the center of our galaxy. Read more on the project here

"It's time to commit to finding the answer, to search for life beyond Earth. We must know." - Stephen Hawking

I personally know there is intelligent life out there, but it would be great if everyone else did too!

Currently working on this alien from my Pegasus Hobbies model kit

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Crypto Post Monday: Green Slime Worm from the Ocean

This Crypto Post Monday is coming to you a day early because I can't wait to share this wonderful footage of this strange alien-like, neon green slime worm uploaded to the internet by fisherman Wei Cheng Jian of Taiwan. Wei was fishing in a port when he spotted the creature. Apparently this is a Nemertea and also commonly known as a ribbon worm. There are over 900 different species of ribbon worms that live in the ocean and come in various colors and sizes. I would say this is the most glamours ribbon worm ever captured on video. The saturated green color is like something out of a sci-fi movie. It's too perfect!


Friday, May 22, 2015

Shiny Spots On The World Ceres: Alien City?

Dawn, NASA's space probe, is getting closer and closer to the extremely reflective patch on Ceres' surface. Nasa scientists are leaning towards the possibility of it being ice, although they have not officially released what data is bringing them to this hypothesis.
Many UFO enthusiasts are hoping it's an alien base. While no one can be sure what it is till further investigation, I'm posting two pictures comparing city lights on our planet Earth with the lights on Ceres.  It's a wild possibility but, it could be an alien city...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Zimbabwe School UFO 1994 School Children: 20 Years After

I reported on Saucer Time in 2013 about an incident that happen back in 1994 at an elementary school in Zimbabwe. It's one of my favorite, credible, UFO encounter stories because there were 62, educated witnesses whose stories did not differ when interviewed. Those 62 witnesses were the elementary school children of Ariel Elementary in Zimbabwe.  Read the original post HERE.

The video above has clips from the original interviews of the school children after they encountered what they believed to be a UFO and it's extraterrestrial pilot. At the end of the video are some of the children, 20 years later, retelling their experience as an adult. They still are in amazement at what they saw. The clips in the video below are a continuation of those interviews.

"If there was one experience I would like to relieve, it would be that particular experience." - Ariel Elementary UFO Witness.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Unbelievable Photographs of Saturn!

It looks fake! Saturn appears to look perfectly smooth like a glass marble. These very real photographs of Saturn and other planets/moons can be found on OPUS- The Rings Node's Data Search Tool. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Astronauts Take HD Footage With GoPro 2015

U.S. Astronaut Terry Virts used a GoPro camera to film above the Earth from the International Space Station. Virts and fellow astronaut, Barry "Butch" Wilmore were taking a spacewalk to prepare the ISS for the arrival of two International Docking Adapters later this year and also, the arrival of the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM).  This HD footage is absolutely breathtaking! It's like being right up there with them. I hope they film more. If we are lucky, an extraterrestrial might stop by or fly by the camera!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Norway: Hessdalen phenomenon UFO

An article was posted on almost a year ago about the 24hr UFO observatory in Norway. I am excited to know that an official 24hr UFO observatory exists and real data is being collected by university scientists.

The Hessdalen Interactive Observatory, located in Norway, began in 1983 to study the unexplained light phenomena that was occurring in the area. When the observatory first began, 20 mysterious, flying, lights were being spotted per week. Over the years the sightings have decreased to only 20 lights per year. At the observatory, scientists from the University of Ostfold, Hessdalen, Norway, have captured and documented these light anomalies. It's the only official 24 hour UFO observatory in the world. Radar and cameras have tracked and filmed numerous unexplainable events. The fastest flying light was recorded at 30,000 km per hour.

In September 2007, a major survey was carried out by university scientists and students with a number of observation instruments. After observing the area over four nights, an unexplained light performed a series of decorative movements up close. It became known as the “Hessdalen phenomenon.” Examples of this event are shown in the video below.

This footage is from a documentary called, The Day Before Disclosure, by Norwegian Film maker Terje Toftenes. Watch the full documentary here .