Monday, June 6, 2016

Ancient Astronauts in Hawaii

There is a known legend that the Hawaiian god, Lono, came to the Hawaiian islands in human form and was described as "fair" or "white" skinned. He taught natives a better way of life and then left, but promised to return again on "floating islands."

In 1770, British captain, James Cook, was rumored to have been mistaken as the second coming of Lono because his third voyage just happen to arrive at the Hawaiian shores during the Makahiki festival. A festival in honor of Lono. Whether Cook's mistaken identity was factual or not, I don't think it had much influence on his fate. Captain Cook had one of his small boats stolen during his visit. In an attempt to get his boat back, he kidnapped the King of Hawaii. That was proven to be a bad idea as Cook was then murdered by members of the King's court. Captain Cook was definitely not the return of Lono. So the legends stands, Lono is still set to return to the islands.

I've compiled a list of similarities between the characteristics of extraterrestrials and the characteristics used to describe Lono. It might be just a coincidence, but the similarities are quite interesting.

-Lono, in the Polynesian islands was known sometimes as Kanaloa, meaning the great light or great brightness.

*UFOs are described in the sky as being extremely bright like the brightness of a star.

-Lono was described as being fair skinned or white.

*Many extraterrestrials have been described as having pale, gray or ash toned skin and also there are the Tall Whites.

-Henry Lyman, American Baptist missionary, wrote that Lono sends two messengers to Earth to find him a wife. When the messengers send word of their finding, Lono, accompanied by birds, descends on a rainbow down to Earth to marry his new bride.

*This legend can be interpreted in many ways, but I think the main point to take note of, is that Lono is not living on Earth. He has to descend down to Earth! Which means, he clearly is an extraterrestrial.

-After Lono's visit to Earth, he leaves, but promises to return on what some texts say as "floating islands."

*Floating islands could be interpreted as UFOs.

Today, ancient alien beliefs have significant influence on the Hawaiian islands.
The reinstated Kingdom of Hawaii has officially dedicated a piece of land for peaceful UFO visitations called, The Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary.  The declaration for the landing area mentions that according to Hawaiian legend, the Na Huihui o Makali'i (the constellation of Pleaides/Seven Sisters) is the place from which the first Hawaiian people came to Earth.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Encounters: UFO Experience in Anaheim, CA

The Encounters UFO Experience at the Garden Walk in Anaheim, CA. is a small UFO pop-up museum. The walk through exhibit is filled with ancient alien replicas, alien body displays, a room decorated to simulate the inside of an extraterrestrial spaceship and collectable props from some of America's favorite sci-fi films. A friendly E.T. reproduction greets visitors at the entrance.

I personally loved every aspect of the exhibit. It's clearly apparent that a once paranormal subject matter, believed by some to be fiction, is slowly transitioning in to a bona fide investigation. I also experienced a nostalgic feeling. I was pleasantly taken back to a time when exhibits about sci-fi and the supernatural were explorative and free of mainstream marketing. One of my favorite displays was the authentic audio recordings of UFO sightings.

Encounters UFO Experience is for all ages and tickets are inexpensive. Produced by Intergalactic Brands and open in the Anaheim location for a limited time (till April or May?). To purchase tickets and get schedule information, visit the official website

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kepler Has Discovered Over 1,000 Alien Planets

"Today astronomers believe there are planets around almost every star in the night sky.
And that perhaps one in ten stars have Earth-sized planets that orbit in the zone where life could exist.
That comes to billions of planets in just our own galaxy."

These words are taken from the video below about the Kepler mission. NASA's Kepler spacecraft has produced data confirming the discovery of more than 1,000 alien planets since it's launch in March of 2009. It's goal is to search for Earth-like planets throughout the galaxy, but it can also be an unexpected opportunity to discover intelligent life unlike the life we know on Earth. Read Saucer Time's article about Kepler's latest data recording of an un-planet-like mystery structure orbiting a star.

Friday, December 18, 2015

7 Foot Tall Hellhound Skeleton Found! - The Black Shuck Is Real

In the ruins of Leiston Abbey near the Abbey chapel in Suffolk, England, archaeologists discovered the remains of a male canine weighing 200lbs. and standing 7 feet tall. The creature's grave was thirty inches deep and it's skeleton was surrounded by various pieces of pottery.

This is believed to be the body of the Black Shuck. Ancient tales tell of a 'giant hellhound with reddish burning eyes' attacking and killing people in East Anglia during the 16th century. The Black Shuck was greatly feared after it showed up during a violent storm on August 4, 1577 and bursts into the Holy Trinity Church in Blythburgh, about seven miles from Leiston in Suffok, killing two people as they were kneeling down to pray! Go HERE for more on the story.

Hopefully the body will be studied more and we can learn how the giant dog died. If the residents of East Anglia truly believed the Black Shuck (meaning 'black demon' in old English) was sent from Hell, then that might make sense of why it's remains were found buried on holy ground. The people wanted to make sure the murdering hellhound would never rise from the dead to hunt again.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Scientist Are Serious About Kepler Detecting Alien Structure!

Illustration by: Brian ILL

This is kind of exciting. The Kepler telescope is picking up some interesting data. 1,500 light years from Earth, an extremely large structure is orbiting the star KIC 8462852. A paper has been submitted to the Journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society about this mystery structure. According to the scientific data, the structure is not round, it's huge and it's not sending back any infrared singles like a possible circumstellar disk of dust might do. Also, the idea of an exocomet is falling short of legitimate data, so that idea might be ruled out as well. The scientists must have found something more significant in Kepler's data than we know of. Because, there is a second paper currently being written that investigates the possibility of a mega-engineering project created by an extraterrestrial intelligence! There is speculation that the giant alien structure is orbiting the star and harvesting energy from it. Stay tuned for this second paper!


Friday, October 2, 2015

Comparing Ceres' Crater To Barringer Crater On Earth

Here are back to back photographs of the mysterious crater on Ceres and the Barringer Crater (a.k.a Meteor Crater) in Arizona. The Barringer Crater has mining equipment in the middle of it. It looks extremely similar to what's in the middle of the Ceres crater. Recently scientist are guessing the shiny white clusters inside the Ceres crater could be salt. This would make even more sense for extraterrestrial mining to be happening on Ceres.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mars Has Water: Was It Once A Life Sustaining Planet?

Today NASA announced that Mars indeed does have small amounts of liquid water running periodically on it's surface. Water is one major key element contributing to the development of living organisms on Earth, so we can't help but jump to the conclusion, does this mean that Mars has life too? Even if it's just a planet of microorganisms? Well according to NASA scientists, some of the water on Mars appears to have very high concentrations of salt, which means it's too salty for anything to live in it. There are some apposing views saying that in different regions, the waters might not bee too salty and therefore might be containing micro life. The Mars Rover won't be getting close to these waters anytime soon for fear the Rover's wheels might contain substances that would contaminate a clear sample of the water.

Also, scientists don't know where the rain is coming from! If we apply the way rain is created on Earth to Mars, technically there would only be a 1/2,500th of an inch of rain across Mars. That wouldn't be enough to make flowing water at all. So that's interesting...

This is a good time to revisit theories like Zecharia Sitchin's. A theory based on ancient Sumerian mythology, that a planet named Tiamat was destroyed by a rogue planet known as Nibiru and the remains of Tiamat are what we know as the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

My Theory is that Mars was once like Earth, and there was a planet between Mars and Jupiter, and that planet was obliterated during an interplanetary war. Mars was left depleted of life sustaining resources and humans then fled to Earth and other planets, possibly planets outside of this solar system.